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TOM COCHRANE - Take It Home (Review)

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Can’t Stay Here
Country Girls Never Get Old
Pink Time
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Tom Cochrane
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Classic Rock/Blues/Country
Tom Cochrane is one of my favourite singer/songwriters of all time. He’s right up there with Rick Springfield, John Waite and Paul Laine. I cannot emphasize how much many of his songs mean to me personally.
However, with just a measly two studio albums since 1998’s excellent X-Ray Siera, Tom’s really pushing fan patience. With an 8 year wait between albums, they had better be good.
I’ve left reviewing this album for a while as the last album No Stranger got an initially tepid response from myself, rating it too mellow, too laid back and lacking any real drive.
How wrong that initial assessment was. The album is one I’ve come to appreciate more over time, a very fine release indeed, with some of Tom’s most heartfelt ballads and while laid back, it also features some of his finest lyrical moments.
So with the arrival of Take It Home and that similar initial disappointment for the same reasons – laid back, slow and seemingly very lackluster, I held back to give the album time to grow.
Unfortunately it hasn’t. Tom’s declined further into the slow, acoustic driven old-man-syndrome that other artists like Bob Seger have suffered.
What’s worse, Take It Home crosses genre’s to touch on that other ‘must go to place’ for veteran artists – yes, that Nashville/country vibe, with slide guitar and a distinct twang featured on several tracks.
The album is diverse in nature, covering blues, country, roots and gospel, all delivered with Cochrane’s distinctive wail.
But despite the valid musical integrity of such an outing, there are only a handful of songs that resonate with me here at all, which is tragic when you consider how long fans have waited for this.
On the plus side is the pop/rock mid-tempo acoustic Can’t Stay Here, which despite a country slant features a nice smooth vocal and decent chorus.
Diamonds is more Tom Cochrane sounding and is a refreshing high quality mid-tempo tune.
Despite the title, Country Girls Never Get Old, still manages to deliver a crossover old/new TC sound, mixing slide guitar with organ and electric guitar.
Pink Time is a beautiful laid back ballad with some extraordinary co-lead female vocals (from who I don’t know, I have a digital promo only thus far).
On the negative for me is several unfortunately. The jangly lead single Sunday Afternoon Hang is simply Life Is A Highway meets Kid Rock and is the best of neither; When The Light Starts To Fade is pure blues/country but goes nowhere; First Time Around is a distorted fuzz/rock tune that just grates; A Prayer For Hope is old-school country and Back In The Game is just hokey R&B.

Tom’s vision of creating a southern American themed album featuring country, blues and gospel is achieved here. There’s a lot of heart and soul poured into these songs and for that you can’t fault Tom. But for me it’s just not something I want to keep coming back to, especially when some of the songs just don’t have enough life in them to draw you back and a couple of others just grate on my ears.
There are a couple of new TC classics for sure and the depth of lyrical talent is still there, but the catchiness and the traditional Tom Cochrane sound is not.
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TOM COCHRANE Streams 'Take It Home' For Canadian Fans

Canadian residents can stream the entire new TOM COCHRANE album 'Take It Home' via CBC network for the week leading up to the album's release.
Tom Cochrane is "Back in the Game," as he proclaims in the song of the same name on Take it Home, his first new material since 2006 (available Feb. 10). This time around, the Cancon icon travels over the vast and varied highways that have dotted his acclaimed career, channeling blues, country, roots, gospel and, in general, the music of the South.

"You don't spend this much time travelling back and forth from down there without gathering dust on your boots and clothes, then shaking it off in a song or two," he says in a press release. 

The very essence of travelling — of being on the road constantly, absorbing the constantly changing surroundings and making a home out of the places you find yourself — sits at the centre of it all. It's how a record called Take it Home can make reference to both Georgian Bay and Austin, Texas; Tennessee and Thunder Bay. On "A Prayer for Hope," Cochrane looks back on a trip to Kenya he made with World Vision, while "Sunday Afternoon Hang" perfectly evokes Canadian cottage country.

"I see this record as a real retrospective on the essence of the troubadour," he says.

It was also a chance for the diamond-selling artist to pay tribute to his musical heroes, fellow troubadours like Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan, all while picking up the trails of unfinished songs and following them to where they inevitably ended up.

"Some unfinished business and a few things that have been left unsaid or undone along the way," he says. 

Take it Home is available Feb 10. Pre-order it on iTunes or Amazon.  

Take it Home tracklist

1. "Can't Stay Here"
2. "Sunday Afternoon Hang"
3. "Diamonds"
4. "Country Girls Never Get Old"
5. "When the Light Starts to Fade"
6. "Pink Time"
7. "First Time Around"
8. "The Ones That I've Known"
9. "Another Year"
10. "A Prayer for Hope"
11. "Back in the Game" 

Watch the lyric video for "Diamonds" below. Stream album via:!/blogs/2015/2/First-Play-Tom-Cochrane-Take-it-Home


TOM COCHRANE Emerges With New Album 'Take It Home' Feb 10

TOM COCHRANE will release his long awaited new album Take It Home in Canada on February 10. 
The new single 'Diamonds':

The first single 'Sunday Afternoon Hang':




Two melodic rock favourites have brand new singles out today.

Canadian rock legend Tom Cochrane has completed work on his first new studio album since 2006's "No Stranger". There is no release date set for the album, but the new single is out today. "Sunday Afternoon Hang" can be purchased at various digital outlets now, although limited to Canadian residents on most outlets.

I was able to grab the song using Paypal via the digital store at

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And former Journey vocalist Steve Augeri has rolled out yet another solo tune via iTunes. "Faces" can be purchased at:

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