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STYX's Ricky Phillips guests on Ep. 260 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.

LINK TO INTERVIEW: http://www.spreaker.com/user/talkingmetal/1on1-mitch-lafon-260-ricky-phillips-styx

In the show's only interview, Ricky Phillips of STYX discusses the band's LIVE AT THE ORLEANS ARENA LAS VEGAS DVD, their upcoming Las Vegas 'Renegades In The Fast Lane' residency with special guest Don Felder, Ronnie Montrose, Deen Castronovo, Bad English, working with Coverdale/Page and much more.

Quotes from the interview:

'Renegades In The Fast Lane' (time 7.14): "We don't want it to be just another show, so we're discussing that."

(time: 8.27): "It's going to be fun - whatever we end up doing with the set list."

Ronnie Montrose (time: 9.59): "He always gave everything he had and good, bad or ugly - he was honest. He was a crazy wacky talented motherfucker. He was just amazing and a dear dear friend. I miss him greatly."

Talk about Deen Castronovo and 'the big pocket' starts at 13.36...

Bad English talk starts 16.19 -

When told that Bad English should get back together he said... (time 20.20): "I'll go as far as to agree with you. It was an amazing band. Things happened quickly and easily for that band. We wrote songs quickly. We got songs recorded quickly. It was just easy to do. It was a great great combination of guys."

Coverdale/Page talk starts at (time: 21.46)...

(time 22.06): "It was never supposed to be the bass player. I came along to help them play bass and help construct songs that they were writing for the project."

(time 23.36): "As we worked on the music for about five months - we really developed this 'thing' that was pretty special... We would play those songs and it was recorded (of us rehearsing) to see if arrangements were working and gosh man - there was fricking oodles of magic in those recordings. It was just a great time."

What did he learn from David Coverdale & Jimmy Page (time: 25.44): "It solidified... I had already learned because I, with a fine tooth comb, gone over both those guys catalogs and gleened everything I could. It had already become a part of my DNA as a player."

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