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Introducing Denmark's LUCER

LUCER, probably the most promising hard rock band out of Denmark in a decade. Big words, but ask anyone who've seen this band live and they will agree. Being hailed as the new D-A-D, the AC/DC of Denmark or simply just a fucking great rock'n'roll band, LUCER are coming at you fast and vigorously.
The band consists of the two charismatic brothers Lasse B'gemark and Anders B'gemark and drummer Jonathan N'rgaard and despite their young age, they have already played 70+ shows in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.
Michael H. Andersen, CEO & A&R from Target Group/Mighty Music witnessed the band live and was blown away. 'I seriously can't think of the last time I saw a Danish rock band that made such an honest and big impression on me. I just knew I had to work with these boys'.
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