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GRAND DESIGN - Thrill Of The Night (Review)

Simply put, the Grand Design guys have taken everything good about their first two albums and made it better. The new lineup, which includes the energized licks of Janne Stark and the pounding drums of Magnus Ulfstedt has made the band ever more powerful and the production here is the band’s best yet.
Long time bassist Mats Vassfjord joins Ulfstedt in creating a monster rhythm section and Stark’s guitar really does propel these songs into a new league.
Frontman Pelle Saether sounds as strong as ever – as long as you have a penchant for his unique vocal style.
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GRAND DESIGN Debut New Video 'Rock N Roll Heart Attack'


GRAND DESIGN presents new video!

Swedish melodic rockers Grand Design premiere the first video off the new album 'Thrill Of The Night' (AOR Heaven), which was released on September 26 on AOR Heaven. The song is entitled 'Rawk N' Roll Heart Attack' and is as eighties as it can be. The band doesn't hide the Leppard spots, which also shows on the album artwork by CA Beckston.  'Thrill Of The Night' has been receiving rave reviews with numerous full scores, which is quite suitable as one of the tracks is entitled '10 Outta 10'.

Later this week the band plays Chicago's Melodic Rock Fest and more shows are being planned for UK, Italy, Sweden etc.
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GRAND DESIGN - Thrill Of The Night (Showcase)

Grand Design was formed in 2006 by singer/producer Pelle Saether, and the band’s first 1st album “Time Elevation” was released by AOR Heaven in October 2009.  The album featured guest spots from guitarists Janne Stark and Tommy Denander. The release gained massive success and was awarded ‘best album’ and ‘best song’ by BeRockRadio and received numerous top 10 positions for “best album 2009”. Several concerts, including the prestigious FireFest in Nottingham, UK proved that Grand Design also deliver live. Pelle Saether comments: ”Since we all love Def Leppard, it will always be an influence we use to spice things up.”
Two years later, it was time for Grand Design’s second album – “Idolizer”.
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GRAND DESIGN Release Third Album 'Thrill Of The Night' September 26

Product: Grand Design – Thrill Of The Night
Release date: 26.09.2014
Label: AOR Heaven
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