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RIOT V Guitarist Mike Flyntz makes FAITH AND FIRE Unreleased Demos Available


RIOT V Guitarist Mike Flyntz makes FAITH AND FIRE unreleased demos available, along with signed CD's of debut album:

Mike Flyntz of legendary U.S. metal band RIOT has made available online the original demos of FAITH AND FIRE, the project formed with ex-RIOT Vocalist Tony Moore plus bassist Danny Miranda and drummer John Micelli,  these 12 songs include one previously unreleased track "Ann's Room" which never made the final release.

Says Mike: "Faith and Fire was created when Danny Miranda and I decided to write and record as a project. Paul Orofino planted the seed in my head when he was working on the Westworld records with Mark Reale. I immediately knew I wanted to track down Tony Moore and have him sing since I was always a big fan of his and it was a long time since he released anything publicly. Danny suggested we use John Micelli on drums from Meat Loaf. We started writing in 2002 and didn't release the record until 2006. I think the record is a nice combination of writing styles of Danny and I. Since we didn't have a budget prior I funded the record myself,  'Ann's Room' is a tune that never got released. It's a nice departure from the rest of the album."

Faith And Fire - The Demos , plus the debut album 'Accelerator' are available here:

Fans who purchase the physical signed CD get a free download of the demo tracks.
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