One On One With Mitch Lafon - DORO

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Vocalist Doro Pesch guests on Ep. 261 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.


In the show's only interview, Doro discusses her upcoming US tour, her Rock Carnival appearance, working with producer/songwriter Jack Ponti, has she ever considered quitting the music business, Uli Jon Roth, Blaze Bayley & her latest release 'Strong & Proud - 30 Years Of Rock And Metal' and a lot more.

Quotes from the interview:

Working with producer/songwriter Jack Ponti (time 6.09): "We hit it off right away. We loved each other right away."

(Time 7.47): "I learnt a lot from him, but you know I think he learned something from me. It was great chemistry."

On has she thought of quitting (time 11.33): "Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. You have to hang in there when times are not on your side - in the '90s when grunge was so big and shovelled metal to the side and it was hard, but I was like 'ok, I play smaller venues. It doesn't matter.' There will still enough metal heads/ die hard fans there to keep going."

New album (18.12): 'Now we are in the making of a new record and I hope it will come out next year. We have already five songs - one is dedicated to Lemmy. It's called Living Life To The Fullest."

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Noize In The Attic Podcast - DORO

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Doro Pesch talks candidly on this week's Noize In The Attic - Where Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You ( on 88.7FM New Haven CT.
Doro discusses her upcoming single "Love's Gone To Hell" and reflects on her long relationship with her dear friend, Lemmy Kilmister.
'Last time she saw him, I could see he was not feeling well.  He was very, very skinny very thin. Lemmy said, 'Doro, it's all sold out but now I'm too old to enjoy it.' 'When he said that, it brought tears to my eyes'.

'When I finally got the call, I didn't even have to pick up the phone.  I felt the ringing of the phone was strange.  Oh no''

Hear the full episode (the interview starts at 30 minute mark)

The Metal Voice: DORO PESCH - "Lemmy Saved my life..."

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For Canada’s The Metal Voice ( former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin reports on Lemmy Kilmister's Funeral at the Chapel at Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery and at the Rainbow Bar and Grill, recapping the service and memorial along with Jimmy Kay.

Speaking with Doro Pesch in regards to her fondest memory of Lemmy

"Lemmy was one of my closest friends I loved him so much I knew him from 83 on when I couldn’t even speak English."
"Lemmy Saved my life.  My Dad died and Lemmy called me one day later and he gave me so much inspiration, so much hope that I could go on and then we wrote some nice songs together and we recorded some songs together."

Speaking with Lucky Lehrer from the Circle Jerks about his favorite Lemmy story

"Circle Jerks
were opening for Motorhead in Seattle and in New York. So the Seattle show they had gotten this car and a couple of sledgehammers in front of tower records all of us were smashing up this car. Pretty much beat the car to a pulp. Philthy was there, Fast Eddie and Lemmy and all four of us. Then we made our way back to New York and we were staying at the same hotel and that was pretty insane."

Watch video Interview here

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Right To Rock Podcast - DORO PESCH

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Categories: has issued their latest podcast (episode #187), featuring Vocalist Doro Pesch. Doro took time out of her busy schedule to discuss her upcoming U.S. tour, as well as her upcoming 30th anniversary DVD. Interview lasts approx. 30 min.
The lads are hitting their stride with the second full show of the year as they discuss the topic of the CD boxed set. Does it have the same relevance it once enjoyed in this digital era? Tune in as Genghis & Ragman discuss what they consider the best ones and what they like to see in an official boxed set of their favorite artists.

Then check out an interview with the Metal Queen herself, Doro Pesch, who discusses her plans for 2015 and what it's like being one of the few female metalheads who've been rocking as long and hard as she has.

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