DEVILFIRE - Dark Manouevers (Showcase)

Devilfire frontman Alex Cooper talks about the debut album:
The album has been pretty much a four year process for me…
I’ve written it three times… Re-tracked it four times
It’s been a massive evolution to find Devilfire and what I wanted it to be.
The band started out under the name Devilstar which became an issue when a merchandise company in Las Vegas already had copyright on the name, and even though the two were different in wording it came under the confusingly similar clause in trademark law. So we switched to the name Devilfire. A name which actually I now prefer.
‘Dark Manouevres’ is very much an inside look at my life over the last four years…the good times and bad on the UK rock n’ roll scene. Love, loss, hate, jealousy, arguments, all thrown against a background of excessive drink, drugs, and ego fuelled behaviour. Though not to blow these things out of proportion, it isn't like the dye of Motley Crue in the 1980s. These things are very subtly done nowadays, hence the album title. 
I’m an honest person, sometimes too honest, I put my life on the page and I don't care who knows… Turn the page…
1. Ready For War?
This is a song mainly about standing up for your individual rights in a relationship, and not letting yourself get beaten down. 
2. She's Like Fire
Being in the rock scene you encounter some pretty extrovert people, I love that! This was a song about someone I knew that was just a whirlwind to me "dancing with desire." I'm not afraid to say I was very into this person but not everything is meant to be.
3. (In And Out Of Love) All Of The Time
From my point of view its seems to be a very materialistic society these days. I have encountered this in my relationships with people. I wrote this song on tour in Bucharest. I think Rich (BloomerDavies, guitarist) still has the demo on his phone where i was like "quick record this I don't want to forget it!" So in five minutes, the song was done!
4. Waiting For A Rockstar
Although this song sounds like it’s about a girl, it’s actually not! The girl is a metaphor for the music industry; a cold callous femme fatal that can eat you up and spit you out, if you don’t get your head around things as best you can.
5. Lay It On The Line
A song very much about what I believe in and what drives me about putting it all out there and seeing what happens! Something people can be afraid to do... I'm not!
6. Kill Your Love
It seems to me as a writer I'm prone to putting my heart on the page. Kill Your love is an extension of that, a destructive relationship that no matter how hard you try to keep good; the other person is hell bent on destroying.
7. Tear Me Apart
Very simply this song is about love in its most epic form.  Have you ever felt emotion so deep towards someone you feel it might actually tear you in two ?
8. God Give Me Vengance
I’m sure we've all been put down and wronged at some point in our lives.  This is a song based around those feelings and crying to god for justice. Why me? What did I do so bad to deserve this? I'm sure we've all asked ourselves these questions at some point!
9. Devil In Your Eyes
I wanted to write a very upbeat Thin Lizzy style track and it eventually evolved into something different. Devil in your eyes is about having a love for something that will never go away, in my case rock music.
10. (You Gotta) Revolution
This is more to do with politics than anything. I don't write about political issues much but when I see what’s going on with the country, it makes me want to put pen to paper. And it’s not just our country either. While on tour with Tarja Turunen (former Nightwish singer) and talking to audiences from countries like Greece and Romania, this became a song that broke down barriers for people who felt oppressed by the powers that be. You Gotta Revolt!
11. She's Always On The Run
Quite simply written about a girl you can never settle, my ode to the James Bond themes of old which I love.
12. A Thousand Times
To be brutal this is about people not living up to the standards you set and the disappointment involved in that! 
13. Somehow
This is an incredibly personal song for me hence why it’s so sparse in its approach. Ever feel that no matter what you do, you can never do anything right? Yeah me too :)
For more information about Devilfire, click here. Debut album ‘Dark Manouevres’ out 6th October.

DEVILFIRE - "She's Like Fire" (New Video)

Ahead of their homecoming headline show, Birmingham rockers Devilfire have unleashed a new music video for 'She's Like Fire'.

Taken from their stunning debut album 'Dark Manoeuvres' (out 6th October) the video follows Devilfire's European tour as special guests to former Nightwish vocalist Tarja Turunen.
'She's Like Fire' is the second single to be lifted from the new album following breakout track 'Waiting For A Rockstar'. Devilfire frontman Alex Cooper says, "Being in the rock scene you encounter some pretty extrovert people, I love that! This new song is about someone I knew that was just a whirlwind to me "dancing with desire." I'm not afraid to say I was very into this person but not everything is meant to be. Always look to move forward in life."
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