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DEEN CASTRONOVO Denied Bail; Meth Addiction Cited

More disturbing news on DEEN CASTRONOVO's situation, with the drummer denied bail and meth addiction cited as influencing his behavior. It's not the first time he has fallen off the wagon and I hope he gets the help he needs urgently.
This from Houston Eagle:
The Journey drummer was high on meth and hallucinating when he was arrested two weeks ago and accused of misdemeanor assault and menacing, his attorney said Wednesday during a bail hearing.
Castronovo's attorney Jeffrey Jones asked an Oregon judge to set his bail at $50,000, saying he would be driven straight to a rehab clinic if released. Castronovo was released on bail after he was arrested June 14 and ordered to stay away from the woman who's accused him of raping her.
Despite the court order, prosecutors said Castronovo has texted the woman 122 times and called her 35 times since he posted bail, with his messages swinging between contrition and threats.
The 50-year-old drummer was booked into the Marion County Jail after a grand jury indicted him Monday. He now faces felony charges of assault, sexual abuse and unlawful use of a dangerous weapon. The indictment accuses Castronovo of having sexual intercourse with the victim "by forcible compulsion" between June 8 and June 14.


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