Australian Glam Rockers CROSSON Release New Album 'Invincible'

'There's a new rock n roll thunder coming from the land down under, and it goes by the name CROSSON. Ten tracks of fist in the air rock n roll anthems.' Josh Smith – Hair Band Heaaven  April 2018
"5/5. Supurb.. I love it!!" Rockfarbror (Sweden) April 2018
'If you like the of idea of KISS and Motley Crue crossed with The Darkness and Steel Panther, you're gonna love CrossonXavier Russell - Classic Rock Magazine

'Crosson can best be described as a mix of Alice Cooper and KISS with a touch of Sweet and T Rex8.5/10 The Metal Factory (Switzerland) April 2018
Australian based Futuristic Theatrical Rock Warriors, CROSSON, have returned with their new album Invincible. Invincible is the follow up the bands critically acclaimed 2016 album Spreading The Rock N Roll Disease.
Once again mixed by legendary producer Duane Baron (Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper), and mastered by U.S mastering legend Dave Donnelly (Aerosmith, KISS, Whitesnake), Invincible delivers Crosson's own brand of uplifting catchy rock anthems with loud guitars, big harmonies and a blistering production. 
The opening track Rock Warriors is an anthemic tribute to all the bands and artists who laid the foundations for the genre and kept it alive and kicking for decades, whilst the first single Never Give Up is an inspirational and catchy as Chlamydia' track with a strong 80's Bon Jovi vibe that would even make Desmond Child tap his feet!
The album's big ballad Unconditional Love is a duet with renowned Finnish singer and actress Jessica Wolff, with the music video shot in Sydney and Croatia by award winning feature film and music video director Steve Ravic of Majestic Films (Doro, Manowar, Rhapsody).
Frontman Jason Crosson says of the album, 'Invincible is 10 notches up from where we left off with Spreading The Rock N Roll Disease. The song writing and production has leaped in great bounds and the album will have you shamelessly singing along to the catchy choruses while leaving your ears bleeding
Australian Tour Dates to be announced soon!
Watch the bands incredible videos for Never Give Up and Unconditional Love (feat. Jessica Wollf)
"Rock will never die whilst there are bands like Crosson" Adam Cox – Decibil Geek April 2018
Invincible is out now!  
Check out the Album Teaser here

CROSSON - Spreading The Rock N Roll Disease (Showcase)

Spreading The Rock N Roll Disease
Release Date: 
Hard Rock

"If you like the of idea of KISS and Motley Crue crossed with The Darkness and Steel Panther,
you're gonna love CROSSON"
~ Classic Rock Magazine AOR

"Spreading the Rock N Roll Disease" - The debut album from Aussie Theatrical Glam Rock Warriors, CROSSON.

Mixed by legendary producer Duane Baron (Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue) and European metal producer extraordinaire Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Edguy, Stratovarius) and mastered by U.S mastering legend Dave Donnelly (Aerosmith, KISS, Whitesnake)

Out now through Metalapolis Records

Transported back in time from our decedent future, post-apocalyptic rock warriors, CROSSON, have arrived in the 21st century to save the future of Rock & Metal.
Their quest... to 'Spread The Rock n Roll Disease!!'

Fusing melodic heavy rock and big harmonies with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, reminiscent of The Darkness, Alice Cooper, David Bowie and KISS, CROSSON's brand of catchy rock anthems is enticing on their new album "Spreading The Rock n Roll Disease"

The first video "All About The Music" is an anthemic battle cry seeing our rock warriors being transported from their post-apocalyptic world to the rooftops of metropolis performing their high energy, choreographed rock routine.

New Video LIES!

"Everything about the Crosson brand reeks of slick, well-heeled PROFESSIONALISM... making the whole thing an enjoyable listen"
- Metal As Fuck

"Spreading the Rock N Roll Disease..." is a delight, full of catchy, infectious, anthemic, sing-it shout-it rock tunes."
- Classic Rock Magazine AOR

"Smacking you right between the eyes with a huge theatrical sound from the off, Crosson are big on the power of rock."
- Black Velvet Magazine

Spreading the Rock 'n' Roll Disease
All About the Music
Take Another Shot
I'm Not Afraid
Horizontal Bop
Rip out My Heart
Rock for Your Money



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