Bruce Gaitsch


Best Wishes & Get Well Soon BRUCE GAITSCH

Acclaimed and respected guitarist BRUCE GAITSCH has suffered a stroke and is currently recouperating. 
He posted the following update: "If you are wondering where I have been it is a hospital! I had a stroke and have been in rehab. I have no use of my right side and every little thing is a chore. You never know what you have till it's gone."
Bruce's work can be heard on so many classic albums such as King Of Hearts, Richard Marx, Jim Peterik, Marc Jordan, Kelly Keagy, Peter Cetera and 100s more.
His KING OF HEARTS bandmate Tommy Funderburk posted this perfect response earlier today:
"Dear Friends - By now many of you have read Bruce's post. I'm writing from 30,000 feet on the way to LA to finish vocals on our record. I've not run this letter by Bruce - he doesn't want anyone making a fuss about him - but I want him to know how much I love him... and his music and his love for life and his family. Its been my great pleasure to write and and perform with him for these, uh many years. A truly great man.
Life hits hard sometimes and we're all so fragile. Ironically, we just finished a song titled "Don't Wait" tell someone you love them now...
Praying for a full recovery and we're keeping the KOH guitar seat open! And, having emailed him a few times I can assure you Bruce hasn't lost his sense of humor.
I'm now getting calls and mail about the future of King Of Hearts. We're so fortunate that Bruce was able to finish almost all of his parts on the record! You'll love his playing and the songs are great. CJ and I will finish and yes we intend to tour. So stay tuned, we're not done yet. Bruce wants it that way. Now, go tell someone you love them."
Get well soon Bruce!
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