Brian May


Brian May - "New Horizons" (Ultima Thule Mix)[Official Music Video]

Celebrating the whole 12-year Journey of New Horizons probe.
This is Brian’s personal tribute to the on-going NASA New Horizons mission, which on New Years Day 2019 will achieve the most distant spacecraft flyby in history.
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Nasa's New Horizons: Excitement ahead of Ultima Thule flyby Occurring some 6.5 billion km (4 billion miles) from Earth, the flyby will set a new record for the most distant ever exploration of a Solar System object by a spacecraft. New Horizons will gather a swathe of images and other data over the course of just a few hours leading up to and beyond the closest approach. This is timed for 05:33 GMT. At that moment, the probe will be about 3,500km from Ultima's surface and moving at 14km/s.
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