BONFIRE Announce Double Covers Album To Accompany 'Legends' Tour

Friday, October 19, 2018
A special release by German hard'n'heavy legends BONFIRE! The band delivers an extensive covers album, titled "Legends", on October 19th.

Find out more about their upcoming "Bonfire And Friends" tour here:

01. Africa
02. Hold The Line
03. Rosanna
04. Man On The Silver Mountain
05. I Surrender
06. Stone Cold
07. Death Alley Driver
08. Black Masquerade
09. Burning Heart
10. Eye Of Tiger
11. Caught In The Game
12. Doctor Doctor
13. Lights Out
14. Rock Bottom
15. Child In Time

01. Jet City Woman
02. Silent Lucidity
03. Eyes Of A Stranger
04. Tears In The Rain
05. The First Time
06. Save Up All Your Tears
07. Hot Cherie
08. Dr. Love
09. Hallelujah
10. Rebellion
11. Heavy Metal Breakdown
12. Love Don't Lie
13. I Wanna Be Loved
14. King Of Dreams
15. Frei Wie Die Geier
16. Erinnerung
17. Alt Wie Ein Baum

Looks like the set will include the lead singers responsible for the hits listed above (Bobby Kimball, Johnny Gioeli, Joe Lynn Turner, Geoff Tate etc...) - as will the upcoming tour.

BONFIRE Sign With AFM Records!

After BONFIRE's latest studio records "Glörious" (2015) and "Byte The Bullet" (2017) both made it to the Top 50 of the German album chart and more than 160 live shows played in the last two years, AFM Records and BONFIRE decided to strike a new path together!
During the more than 30 year-long history of the band, there were of course several different label partners releasing BONFIRE's 16 studio records and some were not available at times. So in Autumn of 2017, big parts of BONFIRE's back catalogue will be made available again before the new album will be released in Spring 2018.
Besides being in the studio to record their next record, BONFIRE will be on tour for the rest of the year!
Find all tour dates below and on
Hans Ziller (Git & Back-Voc., founder of BONFIRE)
Alexx Stahl (Lead-Voc)
Ronnie Parkes (Bass & Back-Voc)
Tim Breideband (Drums)
Frank Pané (Git & Back-Voc)
Tour dates
08.07. (GER) - Ingolstadt - Bürgerfest-Rathausplatz
15.07. (GER) - Jamboree-Open Air
23.07. (GER) - Regensburg - Piazza Open Air
03.08. (GER) - Günzburg Open Air
12.08. (CH) - Gossau Rock On Open Air
19.08. (GER) - Rhön Rock Open Air
02.09. (PL) - Zgierz - City of Power-Open Air
16.09. (PT) - Lissabon - RCA Club
23.09. (PT) - Coimbra - Festival
30.09. (GER) - Alzey - Oberhaus
02.10. (GER) - Teltow Open Air
07.10. (GER) - Braunschweig - Lokpark
19.10. (GER) - Hamburg - Logo
20.10. (GER) - Mannheim - MS Connexion
21.10. (GER) - Memmingen  Kaminwerk
11.11. (GER) - Renchen - COME INN -Charity
16.12. (GER) - Obermachtal - Kreuz
19.12. (GER) - Nürnberg - Hirsch
20.12. (GER) - Oberhausen - Zentrum Altenberg
21.12. (GER) - Augsburg - Spectrum
22.12. (GER) - Ingolstadt -  Eventhalle
23.12. (GER) - Burglengenfeld - VAZ
03.05. (GER) - Würzburg - Posthalle
04.05. (GER) - Neuss - Partytur-Halle
05.05. (CH) - Aarburg - Musigburg
06.05. (GER) - Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik .- Grosser Saal
Juni (AT) Wien Bike & Music-Open Air
20.07. (GER) Burg Greifenstein Open Air
17.11. (GER) Markneukirchen- Framus & Warwick MusicHall

BONFIRE - "Praying 4 a Miracle" (Official Video)

BONFIRE release their next and brand new video & single "Praying for a Miracle" taken from the up-coming CD-album "BYTE THE BULLET"

BONFIRE Line Up 'Byte The Bullet' World Tour Dates

BONFIRE are pleased to announce some very exciting news for the band in 2017.

After a very successful European 30th Anniversary tour with more than 80 shows and the release of the sucsessful double album "PEARLS" (udr-music / Warner Bros), BONFIRE are back in the studio to record the new album "BYTE THE BULLET", which will be released on 24.3.2017 worldwide in conjunction with advertising in monthly magazines, Radio & TV campaigns, and social media campaigns.

A worldwide release of the new video LOCOMOTIVE BREATH as well as a "Making of" video, "LOCOMOTIVE BREATH"
A BONFIRE-LOCOMOTIVE will be inaugurated in Augsburg. That's right, a real life, functioning Bonfire Locomotive!!! Also a "road video" of "Sweet Obsession" filmed completely by the band themselves while on tour!

First annouced Dates -  BYTE THE BULLET - World-Tour 2017
01.04. ESP - Barcelona.  -    Razz
02.04. ESP - Madrid -  Colloseum
07.04. UK -  Galway - Monroes
09.04. UK -  Buckley - Tivoli
14.04. CH - Aarburg - Mosigburg
27.04. GER - Bruchsal - Fabrik
13.05 - ESP - Ibiza Hard Rock Hell-Festival
16.06. GER - Offenhausen - Festival (near Nurnberg)
08.07. GER - Dormettingen - Schieferpark Open Air
15.07. GER - Jamboree-Open Air
23.07. GER - Regensburg - Piazza Open Air mit Manfred Mann`s Earthband
25/26.08. GER- Rock im Hinterland - Obrigheim/Pfalz
25.08. POR - Coimbra Open Air
02.09. PL  -   Zgierz - City of Power-Open Air
21.10. GER - Memmingen - Kaminwerk
there is more to come...


This is What BONFIRE 2017 Will Look Like

Release Year: 
BONFIRE have released a new publicity photo. In April the next studio-CD will be released worldwide.
The band continues their 30th Anniversary tour for the rest of 2016:
30th BONFIRE ANNIVERSARY  Tour 2016 "Burnin` TALES `n `PEARLS "

23.09. GER - Kiel - Raucherei Support Sons of Sound
24.09. GER - Bartenshagen-Parkentin - Kutscher Festival with T-Rex & Iron Horses
29.09. GER - Nurnberg - Hirsch
30.09. GER - Mannheim - Alte Seilerei  Support: Trance Mission
06.10  GER - Milterberg - Beavers Support HEADLESS
07.10. GER - Cologne - MCT-Club Support HEADLESS
08.10. GER - Strabkirchen - Plutonium Club Support HEADLESS
13.10. GER - Bielefeld - Forum  Support Sons of Sound
14.10.  GER -  Wiehl - Art - Farm  (very special private concert)
23.10. GER - Bochum - Matrix plus Primal Fear & Support: Snakebite
28.10. GER - Forth - Stadthalle mit Saga & Manfred Mann`s Earthband
29.10. France - Vouziers Festival mit ROCK GODDESS & GRAVE DIGGER
04.11. GER - Olching - Legend Lounge
05.11. GER - Bad Friedrichshall - Rockfabrik Support Sons of Sound
09.11. UK - Norwich / The Waterfront
10.11. UK -  Wolverhampton / Wolves Civic Hall
11.11. UK/Wales  HRH - Festival
12.11. GER - Regensburg  - Airport-Obertraubling   
18.11. GER - Rheine - Hypothalamus Club
24.11. NOR - Helsingborg
25.11. NOR - Oslo
26.11. Sweden - Lindkeping
27.11. Sweden - Stockholm
01.12. GER - Hamburg - Logo Support Headless (IT)
02.12. GER - Siegburg - Kubana Special Guests MORE (UK) Support Headless (IT)
03.12. BE -  Diest - Moonlight Music Hall Nijverheidslaan 7 Support Headless (IT)
04.12.  NL  - RR Dordrecht  Bibelot - Noordendijk 148 Support Headless (IT)
08.12. GER - Kandel - Bienwaldhalle: Support: Trance Mission &  Headless (IT)
09.12. GER Marlenbach - Music Hall Support Headless (IT)
11.12. GER - Augsburg - Spectrum Support: Support Headless (IT)
27.12. GER - Kaiserslautern - Fruchthalle Support: Trance Mission, Rebellious Spirit
28.12. GER - Neuss - Partytur-Club Support: Snakebite & Rebellious Spirit
29.12. GER - Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik Support: Rebellious Spirit


Bonfire and singer David Reece part ways / ex-BONFIRE Lead-Vocalist is back

After two successful charting albums Glorious (2015) and Pearls (2016) and over 100 shows performed Bonfire and David Reece part ways citing the reasons as personal and professional differences. These differences are irreconcilable so both parties decide it is best to just part ways. Bonfire wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Returning to Bonfire will be former Bonfire singer Michael Borman (1993/94). Michael is a very accomplished singer in his own right. A seasoned veteran of Germany's music scene and also well know for his appearances on the Television show "The Voice Germany". This reunion of sorts with Mastermind Hans Ziller at the controls has all the ingredients for a truly incredible future. With all the missing pieces finally in place this alignment will prove to be the strongest Bonfire ever.

BONFIRE Launches Re-recorded Classic & Rock 'Pearls' March 18

Friday, March 18, 2016
After the release of the album “GLÖRIOUS” that entered the charts, BONFIRE proved that they still have a great future to come – in 2016 they celebrate 30 years on stage!
During their career, they performed about 1,500 concerts worldwide, touring with the likes of Whitesnake, Judas Priest and ZZ TOP. The eternal burning flame during all that time, the founder, composer, guitarist and the soul of BONFIRE is mastermind HANS ZILLER, who formed a band together with David Reece (voc./ USA/ ex- Accept), Frank Pané (lead-git/GER), Ronnie Parkes (Bass  & Voc / USA) and Tim Breideband (Drums/GER) which further developed the sound of BONFIRE for the past 2 years and every day in a new way brings it to life.
BONFIRE will of course continue celebrating their live-qualities with their fans all over the world.
For the 30th Anniversary / 30years live on stage they present the long desired double-album PEARLS (UDR-Music / Home of the Legends ) on March 18. It’s the first CD since the foundation of the band in 1986 that features all the classics in one place - re-recorded during 2015 in Milano (Italy) and arranged in a completely new way, as a big thank-you to the true fans.
With the new partner UDR RECORDS Bonfire are in very good company with other big acts of Hard Rock and Metal, such as MÖTORHEAD, SAXON, GIRLSCHOLL and ANNIHILATOR. Hans Ziller & Co are now ready for the next step.
CD1: BONFIRE "Classic PEARLS" (with the Italian - Symphony-Ensemble) and CD2: BONFIRE "Rock PEARLS"
The album contains 22 songs and presents the whole music production of all the 30 years of BONFIRE in the sound of 2016.
Not moving ahead was never an option for BONFIRE and that’s why all rock-fans receive now with “PEARLS” all the band’s classics.
30th BONFIRE ANNIVERSARY  Tour 2016 "Burnin` TALES `n `PEARLS"
18.03. NEW - CD Release worldwide
07.04. GER - Osnabrück / Rosenhof
08.04. GER - Essen - Turock
09.04. GER - Memmingen / Kaminwerk
10.04. GER - Obermarchtal - Kreuz
14.04. GER - Bruchsal - Fabrik
15.04. Spain
16.04. Spain
17.04. Spain
21.04. GER - Bremen / Aladin
22.04 Spain - San Sebastian - Euskal Metal Fest
23.04 Spain - Zaragoza - CCLARRATXO - Club
24.04. GER - Mannheim - Alte Seilerei
29.04. GER - Bensheim - Musiktheater Rex
30.04. GER - Flensburg  - ROXY 
11.05. / to 13.5. Bulgarien -  Poolinerrock-Open Air
14.05.  CH- Wetzikon  Hall of Fame
21.05. CZ - Klatovy - Winterstadion
27.05.    A   - Bike-Festival Kufstein
03.06. GER - Würzburg - Posthalle
24.06. GER - Hamburg Harley Days
07.07 / 08.07. GER - Rock Harz Festival
09.07. GER - Horn- Bad Meinberg Open Air
22.07. GER - Pförring Open Air
23.07. SWEDEN - Väsby Rock Festival   Open Air
28.07. GER - Headbangers Open Air
05.08.      CH- Gossau  Rock on Open Air
06.08.  Spain - Festival Bilbao (Txarly)
26.8./27.8.GER - Baltic Open Air
09.09. Spain - Barcelona - Dr. Metal Fest-Sala Boveda
02. or 03.09.  Bikerfestival Thüringen ( tbc )
23.09. GER - Rostock/Lübeck/ or Kiel
24.09. GER - Rostock/Lübeck/ or Kiel
29.09. GER - Nürnberg - Hirsch
06.10  GER - Milterberg - Beavers
07.10. GER - Metzingen - Stadthalle
08.10. GER - Straßkirchen - Plutonium Club
09.10. GER - Augsburg - Spectrum
15.10. GER - Peine-Gadenstedt /  Black Hand Inn
12.11. GER - Regensburg  - Airport-Obertraubling   
18.11. GER - Rostock -  M.A.U. Club
19.11. GER - Herford - X-Club
01.12. GER - Hamburg - Logo
02.12. GER - Siegburg - Kubana
03.12. GER - Bochum - Matrix
09.12. GER Mörlenbach - Music Hall
28/29.12. GER - Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
There is more to come!!



BONFIRE - Glorious (Review)

information persons: 
section name: 
21 Guns Salute
Nothing At All
Can’t Break Away
Fallin Out Of Love
Supernatural Disguise
Shooting Star
Produced By: 
Hans Ziller
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Hard Rock
Release Year: 
Bonfire are one of the more beloved bands of the melodic rock genre that originate from Germany. Their mix of melodic rock and AOR ballads with an, at times harder edge, has always been delivered with the warm and raspy vocals of Claus Lessmann.
While the band has origins as far back as 1972, the mid-80s found the band at their creative and commercial best.
EZ Livin’ is guitarist Hans Ziller’s side project that yielded the well regarded debut back in 1991 and Firestrom, the considerably less regarded comeback from 2014.
With issues arising between Lessmann and Ziller, and the latter’s desire to tour more, Bonfire seemingly merged with the EZ Livin lineup – featuring frontman David Reece, which has now delivered the new album Glorious.
The naysayers were armed and ready, and after the recent EZ Livin album, I was not expecting much.
But I’m pleasantly surprised by the energy and quality of his new album.
Bonfire die-hards might complain about the change up in sound and direction – this is a far heavier incarnation and the material is pure hard rock and not surprisingly, more in line with the EZ Livin’ sound.
David Reece brings his booming voice to some pretty strong material. Naturally his distinct style brings comparisons to Bangalore Choir and his own Reece releases.
The album opens with a big statement – three memorable hard rockers of various tones – 21 Guns Salute is hard hitting; Nothing At All is fast and furious with a good hook and Can’t Break Away is a moodier rocker.
Then the album delivers the needed melodic rock/AOR touch with a big melodic anthem in Remember and powerhouse ballad Fallin Out Of Love.
Supernatural Disguise rocks hard with a big chorus; Shooting Star is layers thick in harmonies; Put Out The Flames is also very likable from the get go.
The band risk fan ire by re-recording two Bonfire classics – Sweet Obsession and American Nights. Both are done with an extra layer of keyboards not found on the rest of the album. Sweet Obsession doesn’t quite sound right, but American Nights is better.
Closing the album is a lengthy cover of With A Little Help From My Friends. Not a song I’m particular enamored with, but you can’t deny the passion in this version and with David’s vocals.

Production is excellent, the songs are consistent and offer plenty of hooks to come back to and the energy within the band is easily enough to get fans excited.
It may not be the classic Bonfire we used to know, but it is a very strong hard rock release no matter what the moniker.

One On One With Mitch Lafon - BONFIRE (David Reece)

Release Year: 

In this special YouTube only edition of One On One With Mitch Lafon, Mitch is joined by BONFIRE singer, David Reece. We discuss Bonfire's new album Glörious as well as his time with ACCEPT and much more.
Quote: "I want to tour. That's my main focus."

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Twitter: @BonfireOfficial

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First Taste Of BONFIRE With DAVID REECE - "Nothing At All"

Monday, March 16, 2015
Here's your first taste of BONFIRE 2015, with DAVID REECE out front. This track is titled 'Nothing At All', from the album 'Glorious', out April 24.



BONFIRE Promise 'Glorious' New Album April 24

Friday, April 24, 2015
German melodic rock legends BONFIRE will release their new album 'Glorious' on April 24 via Borila Records.
'Glorious' will include twelve new songs and two new recordings of the Bonfire classics "Sweet Obsession" and "American Nights".
The last studio album of the band formed in 1986 was published in 2011. Since its inception, the band has released a total of 15 studio and live albums and sold over a million records worldwide.
The new album will be the first to feature new vocalist DAVID REECE (Bangalore Choir, Tango Down).
Track Listing:
1. 21 Guns Salute (Goes Boom)
2. Nothin`At All
3. Can't Break Away
4. Remember
5. Fallin` Outta Love
6. Glorious
7. Supernatural Disguise
8. Shooting Star
9. Lies
10. Put Out The Flames
11. Free Wind Desperado
12. Sweet Obsession*
13. American Nights*
14. With A Little Help From My Friends*

* re-recordings


BONFIRE Announce New Album/Line-Up/Label/Management and 2015 Tour

Monday, May 18, 2015
BONFIRE Announce New Album / New Line-Up / New Label / New Management / and European Tour 2015
Hans Ziller - founder, guitarist, composer and mastermind of the band BONFIRE and Claus Lessmann (Vocals) have separated after nearly 30 years.

The band has not recorded a new studio album since 2011, although there was many internal calls and talk of recording a new Bonfire CD in 2014, it never materialized. Claus Lessmann just could not or would not start recording a new album and never gave any explanation to the band. So, why should this be the end of a nearly 3 decades-long success story?
Quote Hans Ziller
: "I originally formed the band under the name Cacumen in the early 80s, I then brought Claus Lessmann on board eight years later and we changed our name to BONFIRE. I think we simply owe it to our fans to go on. I see no reason to retire just because the lead singer of the band cannot or does not want to sing "and Hans continues:" Bonfire is my life's work, I can look back on the band in a variety of lineups and with many successful years, ECHO - nominations, Golden Record, countless concerts worldwide, more than 1 million records sold, and above all I want to stay loyal to our fans who stayed with us through the years. "
Anyone who knows Mastermind Hans Ziller cannot rest his head easy with this. In recent months Bonfire has composed many new songs and the new BONFIRE-Formation has found itself. With a partially new outfit of PAUL MORRIS (ex-Rainbow) for the keyboards.
Ronnie Parkes on the bass (former bassist Uwe Kohler pursues a solo project) . Of course, the familiar face of Bonfire drummer Harry Reischman is still there. A second guitarist is still being sought.
And finally the kicker: Ziller QUOTE: "David REECE (ex-Accept) will be the new singer. With David I share not only a total musical agreement, but also a personal friendship. After the many years of the band's internal conflicts, it was also important to me to have musicians around me I can trust and with whom it is fun to be on stage. To just play only the old songs and nothing new, fighting and arguing in the backstage area, is not what I want in my band. It is also dishonest to the fans and makes you sick in the long run and I just don't want that anymore. David Reece is a highly professional and an energetic singer who will revive the classic Bonfire songs.  Old and new members will add a spark to the old Bonfire sound while still remaining loyal to its roots."
Currently, the band is in the studio working on the new BONFIRE-album with producer Alessandro Del Vecchio.

The CD will be released in mid-May worldwide by 2015.

With new artist management and new concert agency, BONFIRE will go on a European tour in May.
The first BONFIRE shows will be headlining with special guests ELA and BATTLE BEAST also summer festivals abroad have already been confirmed.


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