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BOMBAY BLACK Releases 6th Album Walk Of Shame - Out Now!

Bombay Black's 6th Studio Album WALK OF SHAME available NOW.
Bassist Ty Sims said the release of this album was "All work, all drinking, all tongue in cheek and a lot of fun- oh- and GET OFF MY LAWN!!! - damn kids". 
But seriously, Sims and Lead vocalist Erik Johnson put a tremendous amount of work into the production of this album, and the result has been worth the effort. The sound is balls out across the board with strong harmonies and complex arrangements.  It also sees the addition of drummer Barry Whaley who brings his stellar chops to the musical stew which include the full metal onslaught of "Everything You Wanted", the party rock anthem "Sunshine", and the stripper pole funk of "Come Over Here". The latter has already been released as a preview track with overwhelmingly positive response and a record level of pre-sales.
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Attention Bombay Black fans- today we would like to announce that we are saying good-bye to our "Beast". Original drummer Rob McCauley is retiring from life on the road with Bombay Black. With his oldest son making quite a name for himself on the national BMX race circuit,  along with running his many business ventures, he has decided to concentrate his efforts toward his family.  As much as we will miss him, Rob races BMX as well so we still get to watch him kick some ass - but now on the track instead of the stage. We wish him the best and hope that you will all take the time to do the same. Don't be surprised to see Rob hanging out with the band at the occasional tour stop. (He still knows how to parallel park that tour bus better than any of our regular pack of drivers.) 

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