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BLUE COW KENT Issue Brand New Single

Blue Cow Kent presents future city Diplomatica on new single

When the Swedish rock band Blue Cow Kent was formed in 2011, the members wanted to pay tribute to the Melodic rock heroes of the 80s and started playing their favorite AOR songs as a covers band. So it only felt natural that BCK's debut EP On our way to Budokent from 2013 was entirely an AOR affair of original music with the song Ready to bite being selected by Classic Rock Magazine for the compilation CD in Classic Rock presents AOR issue 10.
The band had other plans for their first full length album Phantom Cathedral, it is a concept album with a dark atmosphere and progressive influences but still with focus on melodic hard rock as a foundation in their music.

2 years has passed since the release of Phantom Cathedral and the former 5 piece band is now reduced to a trio where the core is intact featuring Ove Lundqvist - guitars, Kaj Roth - vocals/bass and Robert Persson - drums.
The first sign of BCK's forthcoming album is the new single Diplomatica, an upbeat AOR anthem that has more in common with the EP than Phantom Cathedral.
The song features a guest appearance from Thomas Lassar (Crystal Blue) on keyboards.

Diplomatica is now available on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.
Their 3rd release is expected in late 2016, entitled BCK III: Even Stars Die.

This time around, the band went back in time to find their roots. The upcoming album is a picnic in 70s rock with 80s choruses where the epic and 8 minute long title track Even stars die takes the band to new heights.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Swedish AOR/hard rock band Blue Cow Kent release their debut album Phantom Cathedral, including the singles Alias Lincoln Bravo and In case of emergency. Their debut EP from 2013, featured the AOR smash "Ready To Bite" that was included on the compilation CD of Classic Rock AOR Magazine´s Issue 10. The new concept album Phantom Cathedral takes the band back to their roots of 70´s hard rock but still with elements of AOR and even progressive rock.
Tracklisting : 1.Phantom Cathedral 2.Clown Eraser A.D 3.Thunder Is Coming 4.Alias Lincoln Bravo 5.The Die Is Cast 6.Torah Of Efva 7.In Case Of Emergency 8.Orange Air 9.Ancient Continents 10.No Condolences For Uncle Ben 11.Last Hurrah.
Artwork designed by Caio Caldas at Download the new single In case of emergency here:

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