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One On One With Mitch Lafon - JOHN BUSH (Armored Saint) & ANTHRAX

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ARMORED SAINT's John Bush and ANTHRAX's Frank Bello guest on Episode 149 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.

John discusses the fantastic new Armored Saint album Win Hands Down, his time in Anthrax, his current relationship with the members of Anthrax, the possibility of a John Bush solo album, voiceover work and much more.
Quotes from the interview:
On the band's rate of releasing new albums: "When you think you think of 15 years and three records; certainly that is not a rapid pace by any standard."
On Anthrax not playing his era songs live: "I get it coming from Joey Belladonna's place. I mean, why would he? There are a couple of songs I wish they would play, but I understand why they don't. I don't think it makes me sad, but I do think that we made some really cool records."
Frank talks about the new Anthrax album making it to the mixing stage, his recent car accident, having Fire In The Belly, their upcoming tours with Motörhead and later this year with Slayer, the John Bush era of the band and much more.
Quotes from the interview:
The new album: "We just want to make sure we have the right record and we think we do now."
The recent car crash: "I played Denver last week and I was definitely hurting on stage because this accident I had definitely screwed up my back."
"I was helping a friend of mine and was standing between two parked cars. Somebody crashed into one of the parked cars, right into me and I was crushed between them."

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