AC/DC Rock or Bust World Tour PhotoBook 3D Video Preview

Rufus Stone Limited Editions is delighted to announce a promotional 3D video for their forthcoming publication of the first ever Official AC/DC book, ROCK or BUST The World Tour Book 2015.
The video has been created by leading digital artist and animator Chris Hilton who has worked on major projects for the Rolling Stones, Paul MaCartney, John Lennon and many others.
The video can be viewed here:
Currently on presale, The Rock or Bust Tour Book 2015 will cover the full extent of AC/DC’s groundbreaking 2015 world tour supporting the multi-million selling Rock or Bust album released in 2014. Starting in Coachella, the Rock or Bust tour has played to millions of fans around the world, setting records for attendance and sell out times. Renowned music photographer Ralph Larmann has captured AC/DC throughout this incredible tour, creating an amazing photographic documentary of the band and fans in action. Rufus Stone is assembling these pictures plus some amazing facts, figures and tour memorabilia to celebrate one of the most successful rock tours of the last decade. The finished book will be 264 pages long and will be the same physical dimensions as a vinyl album.
Two different editions of the book will be published including a unique “Leather and Metal” collector’s version. All editions will be unique, case bound coffee table books, perfect for fans and collectors.
Mark Smith at Rufus Stone says, “Creating this type of book with a band with the legacy of AC/DC is the dream project for Rufus. We are delighted to be able to produce an official book on behalf of the band and we’ve got a few surprises along the way to help make this a unique and special publishing event.”
The book will be released in the Autumn of 2017 and a pre-sale page has been created at
About Rufus Stone Limited Editions
Quite simply we're passionate about music, books and publishing.
We are a group of creative thinkers, working together to create a new publishing venture specializing in producing the best quality products that both fans and artiste would be proud to own. It's that simple.
Our approach is to generate high quality, bespoke books in short, limited edition runs at price points people can afford. We are offering a product that can't be purchased on the high street, featuring exclusive imagery and content coupled with the very highest production standards.
Rufus Stone has released exclusive, collectors’ books on Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Ronnie James Dio and the legendary Jon Lord.



Mats Attacks Podcast - AC/DC

Release Year: 
Episode 121 of Mars Attacks Podcast brings you another entry in the Classic Albums series, the episode focuses on AC/DC's Back In Black. You will hear comments regarding the album from the queen of metal Doro Pesch, Anthrax's Charlie Benante, Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth, Testament's Gene Hoglan, The Rods Carl Canedy, Jason McMaster of Dangerous Toys, Racer X's Jeff Martin, former Hades singer Alan Tecchio, and a whole slew of other musicians, journalist/historian Martin Popoff, and host of shows such as Aaron and Chris from The Decibel Geek Podcast, and Mitch Lafon from One On One with Mitch Lafon.
Written comments were submitted about the album by former GNR guitarist Bumblefoot, That Metal Show co-host Jim Florentine, David Ellefson of Megadeth, producer Chris Tsangarides, photographer/director Kevin Estrada, author Greg Prato, Phil Rind of Sacred Reich, current and former members of Halford, White Wizzard, Hades, Lita Ford, Vicious Rumors, and more.
You can read more, download or stream the episode from here:
You can stream the episode from Spreaker here:

Angus Young, Brian Johnson Recall AC/DC's Resurrection 'Back In Black'

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Dallas, TX - July 21, 2015.  North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands celebrates the 35th anniversary of the second biggest-selling album in the world, AC/DC's Back In Black.

After four U.S. albums, AC/DC had finally gained a foothold in America with the breakout album Highway to Hell. But just when success was within their grasp, lead singer and co-writer Bon Scott died after a hard night of drinking. For most bands, losing a singer and frontman is a fatal blow, but not for AC/DC.

Following Bon's funeral in Australia, Malcolm and Angus Young returned to the UK to work through their grief the only way they knew how, writing music. Angus Young tells InTheStudio host Redbeard just how serious the band took their situation.

'We sat down and we said, 'This has got to be good. It HAS to be good'... If it had been the last thing we had done as a band, it had to be something.'  - Angus Young

Something, it was. At the time no one, not even the band could have imagined the heights to which AC/DC Back In Black would climb, going on to sell over 48 million records worldwide, the Mt. Everest of Rock (second only to Michael Jackson's Thriller ). Back in Black   became an album full of Rock and Roll anthems like 'Hells Bells', 'You Shook Me All Night Long', 'What Do You Do For Money Honey', 'Shoot To Thrill', 'Have A Drink On Me', 'Rock'N'Roll Ain't Noise Pollution', and of course the title cut 'Back In Black'.

InTheStudio host Redbeard speaks candidly with Angus Young and Brian Johnson about the Back In Black period, including the death of Bon Scott, the hiring of Brian Johnson, the adventures of recording in the Bahamas, to their first gig ever with Brian in Belgium. 

The AC/DC story would not be complete without a tribute to band patriarch Malcolm Young, who is on medical leave but continues to inspire.

'He's a sort of heart and soul behind the band. He lives and breathes it, and he's so important to all of us as a father figure. I can't say too much about the guy.'   - Brian Johnson

AC/DC  Back In Black 35th /InTheStudio interview is available now to STREAM at: ''

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Drummer PHIL RUDD Wants Back in With AC/DC

Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Phil Rudd says his AC/DC bandmates have been giving him the cold shoulder, even though he's reached out to guitarist Angus Young asking to rejoin the veteran rockers.
The 60-year-old drummer isn't playing with AC/DC on their world tour after he was charged last year of threatening to kill a contractor and for drug possession at his home in Tauranga on New Zealand's North Island.
He says his current bail conditions would allow him to rejoin the band on the tour, but the band have ignored his pleas.
"They haven't called me. I wrote them a letter and I tried to get in touch with Angus but I have had no contact from anybody," Rudd told the Nine Network's A Current Affair.
"I'm very disappointed, but that's life."
"Phil created his own situation. It's a hard thing to say about the guy. He's a great drummer, and he's done a lot of stuff for us. But he seems to have let himself go. He's not the Phil we've known from the past," Young said.Angus Young responded to A Current Affair in a statement, explaining that Rudd had changed from the bandmate they originally knew.

AC/DC - Rock Or Bust (Review)

information persons: 
section name: 
- Rock or Bust
- Play Ball
- Baptism by Fire
- Sweet Candy
- Emission Control
Produced By: 
Brendan O'Brien
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Hard Rock
Monday, December 22, 2014
Review: It’s an AC/DC record.
Ok, so I guess I should elaborate.
AC/DC shrugs off recent bad news (Malcolm Young) and bad press (Phil Rudd) to deliver another riff heavy volume of music to their incredible catalogue of tunes.
What hasn’t changed in decades is the band’s sound, style and lyrical naffness (can that be a word please?).
But that naffness is forgiven with the first riff of Angus’ guitar, which is as essential to rock n roll life as oxygen and electricity.
On Rock Or Bust we are faced with a very quick fire 11 track/35 minute blast of classic rock, with the screechy vocals of Brian Johnson taking us back in time once again.
Unfortunately we aren’t propelled far enough back in time to when Brian was in better voice, but I’ll still take it.
I’m not sure, but maybe the theme of this album is….er….”rock”? (Rock Or Bust, Rock The Blues Away, Got Some Rock N Roll Thunder, Rock The House).
Well….not unexpectedly, it does rock. The band sounds energized and while they’ll never touch the classic material of the 70s or the stadium anthems of the 80s, they can still deliver a good tune.
It’s a pretty solid album – it would want to be for only 35 minutes – there’s a few stand outs, but also a couple of tracks that really do plod along.
On the winners list are the first 4 tracks, which all rock along at a good pace, especially Play Ball and Rock The Blues Away.
Baptism Of Fire is a good bar room rock-n-boogie; Sweet Candy is cool and Emission Control is an old-school rocker.
Missing the mark for me are the tracks where the band just plods along a little too much - Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder and Hard Times in particular.

A decent album. You can’t expect too much more after all these years. The band can still deliver some old school songs and some memorable guitar riffs. They might be a bit rusty and predictable, but it ain’t noise pollution, so moderate thumbs up from me.



AC/DC Drummer RUDD Back In Handcuffs

Thursday, December 4, 2014
AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has been taken to a New Zealand police station after being handcuffed and put into the back of a police car.
A witness reported that Rudd was put into a police car this morning after an incident in Gate Pa in Tauranga, reported.
Rudd was spoken to by police on Cameron Rd, near the central city, before appearing to be arrested.
Tauranga police have refused to say if Rudd has been arrested or if he is in their custody.
Senior Sergeant Owen O'Brien said police were investigating an incident, but provided no further information, reported. 
Rudd's lawyer Paul Mabey QC said he was not aware of details of the incident. He said another lawyer was at the police station looking into the matter and no charges had been laid.
Rudd is already facing charges of threatening to kill, possession of methamphetamine and possession of cannabis.
On Tuesday, Rudd's appearance in the Tauranga District Court was excused and Mabey finalised Rudd's not-guilty pleas to charges of threatening to kill and possession of methamphetamine.
Mabey had earlier filed the not-guilty plea notice administratively after Rudd's appearance last week.
Rudd is the only Australian-born member of AC/DC. In 2003 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the other members of the band.
He moved to New Zealand in 1983 after he was kicked out of the group. He rejoined in 1994 and has since been in and out of New Zealand while touring and recording.
Rudd also opened a restaurant in Tauranga, which recently attracted publicity when a group of staff took a case to the Employment Relations Authority.
AC/DC released their new album, Rock or Bust, yesterday.
The band has sold more than 200 million albums and features at or near the top of highest-grossing tour lists whenever it plays live. It has been a standard-bearer for Australian music.

Hear 4 Songs From New AC/DC Album 'Rock Or Bust'

Thursday, November 20, 2014
Four songs from the upcoming AC/DC album ‘Rock Or Bust’ have now made their way online.
The title track and the first single ‘Let’s Play Ball’ can be heard via YouTube streams featured below.
Now a Russian radio station has somehow premiered two additional tracks – ‘Hard Times’ and ‘Rock The House’.

‘Rock Or Bust’ will be released worldwide December 2 and will feature a unique 3D cover.
Track Listing:
1. Rock or Bust
2. Play Ball
3. Rock The Blues Away
4. Miss Adventure
5. Dogs of War
6. Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder
7. Hard Times
8. Baptism By Fire
9. Rock the House
10. Sweet Candy
11. Emission Control

AC/DC Not in Touch With Phil Rudd Since Charges

Friday, November 14, 2014
Angus Young of AC/DC says his bandmates have not been in touch with Phil Rudd since he was charged with threatening to kill and possessing methamphetamine and marijuana last week.
Young, 59, said in an interview Thursday (Nov. 13) that Rudd's behavior had been somewhat erratic during the recording of their new album.
"Well, we had a few problems. The situation he's in -- that took everyone by surprise. We had a few issues before with him, even when we were recording it was hard even to get to him to do the recording," Young said, sitting in a room with bassist Cliff Williams.
"And then he was supposed to show up to do promos with us, to do video shoots and a few shoots and a few other things, and he never showed up for that either. So, at this stage, it's a pretty tough call for us."
Rudd, who has been with the band on and off for nearly three decades, was released last week. He is expected to appear in court in New Zealand on Nov. 27.
"We haven't had contact," Young said in New York City. "But he has his people that represent him. He's got himself in a pickle."

AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Charges DROPPED!

Friday, November 7, 2014
AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd's charge of attempting to procure a murder has been withdrawn.
Rudd appeared in Tauranga District Court on Thursday and was also charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of cannabis and threatening to kill.
Rudd's lawyer, Paul Mabey, QC, said on Friday afternoon that the Crown solicitor withdrew the charge after a meeting with Mr Mabey and police.
The Crown solicitor said there was insufficient evidence to justify the charge, Mr Mabey said.
Mr Mabey said Rudd would defend the threatening to kill charge.
He described the drugs possession charges as minor.
The Crown Solicitor's office confirmed the charge had been withdrawn.
"Mr Rudd has suffered unnecessary and extremely damaging publicity as a result of widespread and sensational reporting of a very serious allegation, which on any basis was never justified," Mr Mabey said.
Rudd was considering any possible remedies, he said.

AC/DC Drummer Rudd In Bizarre Murder Procurement Charge

Thursday, November 6, 2014
UPDATE: AC/DC Comment: "We've only become aware of Phil's arrest as the news was breaking. We have no further comment. Phil's absence will not affect the release of our new album Rock or Bust and upcoming tour next year."

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has been charged with attempting to procure a murder in New Zealand.
According to Rudd was charged after police raided his home on the Tauranga waterfront at Matua this morning.
He has also been charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of cannabis and threatening to kill.
Police said a 60-year-old man was expected to appear in court today.
Rudd is the only Australian-born member of the band. In 2003, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with his co-musicians.
Last month, AC/DC fuelled rumours of a falling out with Rudd after sharing a promotional photograph of their new line-up — minus the drummer.
The snap features singer Brian Johnson, bassist Cliff Williams, guitarist Angus Young, and Stevie Young, who has stepped in to replace his uncle Malcolm Young, who is battling dementia.



'Rock Or Bust' For AC/DC This November

Friday, November 28, 2014
Legendary Anglo-Australian hard rockers AC/DC will release their first new album in six years, an 11-track collection named "Rock Or Bust", in Australia on November 28 and in North America on December 2.
Starting September 27, Turner Sports will provide fans a sneak peek of the new song "Play Ball" as part of the 2014 Major League Baseball Postseason campaign. The content will run for several weeks across TBS, the exclusive home to this year's American League Postseason coverage, as well as leading media brands within the Turner portfolio.

AC/DC has also revealed that founding guitarist Malcolm Young will not be returning to the group due to ill health. "Unfortunately due to the nature of Malcolm's illness, he will not be rejoining the band," reads a statement issued by the AC/DC's a label Alberts and Sony Music Australia.

AC/DC has confirmed it will embark on a world tour in to promote "Rock Or Bust" and celebrate the band's 40th anniversary, with Angus and Malcolm Young's nephew Stevie stepping in for Malcolm on rhythm guitar. Stevie played on the new CD, which was recorded at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with producer Brendan O’Brien and mixer Mike Fraser.

While promoting his debut solo album last month, AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd dismissed reports that AC/DC had considered calling it quits after Malcolm's illness was made public.
"Angus Young will never retire," Rudd said. "We were never going to retire. It'll never happen. Angus will never retire and as long as Angus never retires, I won't fucking retire either."
According to Rudd, tour plans had not yet been finalized, but he expected to return to the road shortly. "I'll get a call a month before they need me," he said.

"We've done some long, hard tours. It's not easy. You do it for 18 months, you're the walking dead when you finish, especially as you get older. But everything's great in the band, we're ready to fire up on all cylinders again."
Although some music news sites erroneously quoted Rudd as saying that the album was recorded in 10 days, he actually said that he was done with his drum parts in that time, adding, "I've never played better."
AC/DC biographer Jesse Fink stated earlier this year that it was likely Malcolm's absence would become permanent. He said: "The important thing is we all let Mal be and hope he can recover. We should all expect that Stevie is in the band now." Regarding the new material, he said: "I'm hearing on very reliable authority it's up there with 'Black Ice', or even better — so Stevie must be a good replacement for Mal."

Stevie Young played with AC/DC once before during a 1988 tour, while Malcolm stepped out to deal with his dependency on alcohol.

Legend has it that Stevie resembled his uncle closely enough that many fans reportedly didn’t even know Malcolm had left the tour.

"We miss Malcolm, obviously," AC/DC singer Brian Johnson told TeamRock Radio this past July. "He's a fighter. He's in hospital, but he's a fighter. We've got our fingers crossed that he'll get strong again.
"Stevie, Malcolm's nephew, was magnificent, but when you're recording with this thing hanging over you and your work mate isn't well, it's difficult. But I'm sure he was rooting for us. He's such a strong man. He's a small guy, but he's very strong. He's proud and he's very private, so we can't say too much."
The first AC/DC album in the band's 41 year history without Malcolm Young on the recordings, "Rock Or Bust" follows the immensely successful "Black Ice", which debuted at No. 1 in 31 countries upon release in 2008, and has gone on to sell nearly 8 million copies worldwide.

Highway To Hell 35th Anniversary Bittersweet for AC/DC's Angus and Malcolm Young InTheStudio

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Highway To Hell  35th Anniversary Bittersweet for AC/DC's Angus and Malcolm Young InTheStudio

Dallas, TX - August 26, 2014.  North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands celebrates the 35th anniversary of Highway to Hell, the breakthrough album and bittersweet end of the Bon Scott era for AC/DC.

In August 1979 a lot of North American rock music fans had no idea that Highway to Hell  was the Australian-based AC/DC's fifth studio album, and that their long-suffering U.S. record label was getting frustrated by the band's lack of sales.
Short on money but with a full tank of steely determination, armed with a demo tape containing Highway to Hell , the band found and secured a young South African producer named 'Mutt' Lange. Lead guitarist Angus Young recounts to InTheStudio host Redbeard:

'We actually had written most of the songs in a weekend for Highway to Hell... We snuck in the rehearsal studio...we put a tape together and sent it to Mutt Lange and he said, 'Look, I hear what you're trying to do. I'm sure I can do you a great job'.'

The result was a rock masterpiece complete with the title track 'Highway to Hell', 'Girl's Got Rhythm', 'Shot Down In Flames', 'If You Want Blood'  which all to quickly became rock classics. But as rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young recalls, tragically, colorful lead singer Bon Scott would only get to enjoy the worldwide success of Highway to Hell  (certified seven million sold in the US) for another eight short months.

'Bon was unlucky, he just happened to fall asleep with his head in the wrong position from a big night of drinking... Bon wasn't a rockstar like Jim Morrison. Bon was a rock and roller. He lived that lifestyle, he didn't act that lifestyle.'

AC/DC Highway to Hell 35th /InTheStudio interview is available now to STREAM at: ''

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Thursday, July 10, 2014
Johnson spoke of Young's health battles, reported earlier this year, during a recent interview with Classic Rock magazine to talk about the Australian rock band's 15th album.
The frontman said the album was now complete and said Young's absence from the recording studio had been missed, revealing his friend was in hospital.
"We miss Malcolm obviously. He's a fighter. He's in hospital but he's a fighter. We've got our fingers crossed that he'll get strong again," Johnson told Classic Rock.
AC/DC regrouped in Canada in May this year to record their next record, with Stevie Young filling in for his ill uncle.
"Stevie, Malcolm's nephew, was magnificent. But when you're recording (a new album) with this thing hanging over you and your work mate isn't well, it's difficult," Johnson said on Wednesday.
"But I'm sure he was rooting for us. He's such a strong man. He's a small guy but he's very strong. He's proud and he's very private, so we can't say too much. But fingers crossed he'll be back," he added.
No further details about Young's health battle have been given.
Our Nine Favourite AC/DC Photos
The band was rumoured to be on the verge of a split earlier this year due to Young's health troubles but they vowed to press on after the musician decided to step down for a hiatus.
"After forty years of life dedicated to AC/DC, guitarist and founding member Malcolm Young is taking a break from the band due to ill health," the band said in a statement in April.
"Malcolm would like to thank the group's diehard legions of fans worldwide for their never-ending love and support," the statement read.
"In light of this news, AC/DC asks that Malcolm and his family's privacy be respected during this time. The band will continue to make music."
Johnson also said in the interview that work on the band's new album has been completed after a number of studio sessions in Canada.
"We're done. I'm very excited and we've got some great songs. I wanted to call the album Man Down. But it's a bit negative and it was probably just straight from the heart. I like that," Johnson said.
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