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7th heaven newsletter - December 2014
Welcome Adam Blair Heisler
We would like to welcome Adam Blair Heisler to 7th heaven. Adam is a perfect fit for 7th heaven and We think you will agree.. Adam was in 2 great bands before 7th heaven, "The Fabulous Janes" and "Dot Dot Dot" (seen nationwide on TV).  His stage experience is excellent and his songwriting skills will bring great chemistry to our future.  We have a lot of great ideas planned for 2015 and we can't wait to share all of them with you.  Check out the intro video we shot with Adam: 
Save over 80% on 7th heaven products!!!  This is by far the biggest sale we have ever had on our products.  We have some great new products planned for next year, so we want to clear our inventory.  Check out our unbelievable deals on our website:  http://www.7thheavenband.com
Celebrate New Years Eve with 7th heaven
We will be performing at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare on New Years Eve.  We had a great time there last year and we want to do it again with you.  There packages with hotel and without hotel.  The party only tickets are with open bar.  Check out all the package deals and get your tickets here: http://tinyurl.com/pjy6y99
Toys for Tots
We had a successful "Toys for Tots" event and we want to Thank all of You who came out with a Toy.  Let's hope we brighten some kids faces for the holidays  :)
7th heaven Cruise -  120 People.. You Coming?
Our annual 7th heaven cruise is January 24 - 31, 2015 on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas.  It's going to be a amazing time and we want YOU to be there with us!!  This will be a eastern sailing, going to St. Martin, St. Thomas and the Bahamas.  There are still a couple rooms left.
You can learn more about the cruise here: http://ntdvacations.com
3 NEW 7th heaven Videos
Check out these fun videos we shot from our 2014 summer shows:
Three Brand New Videos off our CD "Spectrum".. check them out:
"Stoplight" - http://youtu.be/Bxgs3suv5Wg
"It's You" - http://youtu.be/_LHqA6vF328
"Living in Danger" - http://youtu.be/HWqFyXh2sTI
7th heaven Releases "Spectrum" CD
Check out our 2014 original CD called "Spectrum".  This CD is filled with 20 feel-good songs that you are sing along to after hearing them a couple times.  We ask that you please pick a copy of this CD up for yourself, We think you will really like this CD.  We would like to hear feedback from all of you on what songs you want us to add to our set off this CD, so please let us know. Also, if you get the CD on iTunes, please take a minute and write a review on the CD so others can see that. The CD is now available at all shows (except casinos). You can also Buy a copy here:
Direct from Band (Worldwide)  *  iTunes  *  Amazon.com (U.S.) 
Hear the entire CD Here: Soundcloud
Sat - Nov 29 - Tailgaters
Fri - Dec 5 - MT Barrels (Old Chicago City Limits)
Sat - Dec 6 - Fast Gala 
Thur - Dec 11 - Jingle Mingle
Fri - Dec 12 - Bourbon Street
Sat - Dec 13 - Durty Nellies
Wed - Dec 17 - King's
Thur - Dec 18 - Rivers Casino
Fri - Dec 19 - Hollywood Casino - Joliet 
Sat - Dec 27 - H.O.M.E. Bar
Wed - Dec 31 - Hyatt Regency O'Hare
Sat - Jan 24 - 31 - 7th heaven cruise



7TH HEAVEN - Spectrum (Review)

information persons: 
section name: 
01. Stoplight
02. It's You
03. Dance In The Rain
04. In The City
05. Living In Danger
06. Once In A Lifetime
07. We Live Life Young
08. Magic
09. Are We Up
10. When You Say My Name
11. Walk Another Mile
12. Join The Party
13. I'm Your Addict
14. Livin Life
15. Holding My Breath For You
16. Last Chance
17. Illusion
18. Until The Day I Die
19. Heads Or Tails
20. Jump Start 
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Produced By: 
Richie Hofherr
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Pop/Melodic Rock/AOR
NTD Records
Chicago’s legendary 7th heaven return with yet another new studio album, this one featuring no less than 20 new cuts!
Back fronting the band for this album is the great Keith Semple, whose likable melodic tone is a perfect match for the happy go lucky anthemic pop/rock that guitarist and main writer Richie Hofherr seems to effortlessly churn out with spectacular regularity.
Maintaining the formula of past albums, there seems to be a couple of extra ingredients here to make this arguably the band’s best release yet.
First – the production quality is the best since the band’s classic Silver release. Extra thump in the drum department has gone a long way.
Second – the songs are simply unquestionably brilliant and totally infectious.
Each 7th heaven album manages to deliver several catchy pop/rock anthems to add to their already impressive list, but on Spectrum it’s simply song after song of instant hook gratification and sing-along perfection.
There’s a heartfelt emotion to this band’s music and that continues unabated here.
Just try and not sing along and tap your feet to the glorious fast moving anthems Stoplight, It’s You, in The City, Livin’ Life, Last Chance, Heads or Tails and a much improved re-recording of the last album’s best track We Live Life Young.
The band’s moodier side is amply explored on Dance In The Rain, Once In A Lifetime, Are We Up, Walk Another Mile, I’m Your Addict and Until The Day I Die.
Heartfelt ballads aren’t ignored either, with When You Say My Name and Holding My Breath For You both worthy of chart success.
Of course, with 20 tracks on offer there’s bound to be a few “misses”, but those will depend on tastes. For me the reggae of Join The Party and the rap infused duo of Living In Danger (despite another catchy chorus) and Jump Start represent the three tracks I reach for the skip button. But 3 skips out of 20 tracks is a ratio any major artist would be proud to boast.
7th heaven remain a Midwest phenomenon, but their worldwide cult following is only going to grow on the back of this superbly written and produced album of brilliantly catchy and likable melodic pop/rock gems.
Recommended for all readers to check out. Simply awesome.


7th heaven released "Spectrum". 

A 20 song feel-good CD of various Pop/Rock songs, with elements of Alternative, Dance, Country and Hip-Hip sprinkled throughout. This CD will transcend generations with the ability to touch numerous emotions and connecting lyrics.
"I personally feel this is the best CD we have made as a band.  It really showcases the talents of all 5 band members and their contribution to the final product will definitely be heard.  I am very pleased with the songs on this CD and I personally ask that each and every one of you give it a spin.  If you like the CD, I ask that you tell others about it.  In a world where we have so much negative influence everywhere, I am proud that this CD is a positive influence and will hopefully touch a emotion, as it did to myself working on it.  I want to thank my band members for putting in a great effort towards this CD, especially Keith.  I also want to give a shout-out to our original singer, Tony DiGiulio, for helping with writing some of the songs with us. 
Enjoy this great CD" - Richard Hofherr/7th heaven

Established in Pop-Rock, 7th heaven is from a 5-member Chicago act. 7th heaven plays over 250 shows a year, has sold tens of thousands of CDs, has a Worldwide fan base and plays to over one million people each year.
In 2011, 7th heaven charted three products on the Billboard Charts, and went #1 in the Chicago Region for four straight weeks. 
In 2012, 7th heaven charted again on the Billboard Charts, and went #1 in the Chicago Region for seven straight weeks. 

7th heaven has been able to develop their own unique brand of rock music that proves that the fundamentals of great pop rock song still ring true with their new release "Spectrum"
Track Listing:
1. Stoplight
2. It's You
3. Dance In The Rain
4. In The City
5. Living In Danger
6. Once In A Lifetime
7. We Live Life Young
8. Magic
9. Are We Up
10. When You Say My Name
11. Walk Another Mile
12. Join The Party
13. I'm Your Addict
14. Livin Life
15. Holding My Breath For You
16. Last Chance
17. Illusion
18. Until The Day I Die
19. Heads Or Tails
20. Jump Start


Keith Semple - Lead Vocals
Richard Hofherr - Lead Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Nick Cox - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Mark Kennetz - Bass, Vocals
Michael Mooshey - Drums

Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by: Richard Hofherr

Buy A Copy Here:  Direct from Band (Worldwide)  *  iTunes  *  Amazon.com (U.S.)
Hear the entire CD Here: Soundcloud
Check out 7th heaven at - 7thheavenband.com

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