JOE LYNN TURNER Takes On Bulgaria

Legendary Vocalist Joe Lynn Turner (Ex-Rainbow, Deep Purple) to Perform at Major Festivals in Bulgaria
Joe Lynn Turner continues to be a beloved musical force in Bulgaria. Having made many appearances at major
events and on television, including The “X Factor,” he is looking forward to returning to Bulgaria this summer. July 17,
he will play the Art is: charity event in Montana and on July 18, he will travel to Troyan for the Rock Academy
Turner has always been committed to helping out many charitable organizations. He is especially passionate about
the National Commission for Combating Traffic of Human Beings, the foundation that will benefit from the 5th
Anniversary of the Art is festival. This organization is dedicated to the cause of combatting the sale of
children/women in the region and all over the world. Turner is devoted to helping this cause as he believes that such
criminal activity is unacceptable and is absolutely contrary to human rights. He wants to bring awareness to this cause
with the hope that more young people will learn how to protect themselves from such criminal attempts. The theme
for the Art is: festival will be, The Children of Montana together on the stage with Joe Lynn Turner.
This free event is organized by Nelian Nikolova. The show starts at 6pm, July 17, at the Main Square of Montana-
Jeravica Stage. Turner’s performance begins at 9pm.
National Commission for Combating Traffic of Human Beings:
Municipality of Montana:
Troyan is located in northern Bulgaria in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains, founded as an ancient Thracian
settlement in the road that connects South Bulgaria with North Bulgaria. The Troyan region is a preferred destination
for those interested in hot springs and is also the access point to the Central Balkan National Park, where there are
many hiking trails.. The Rock Academy event takes place at 8:30pm, July 18, in the Main Square.
Turner always cherishes his time in Bulgaria. He says, I can’t even tell you how many times that I have been here.
The people are amazing, they love rock’n’roll, they are passionate. They are great people in their soul, they are
wonderful! I am so thankful for the people of Bulgaria and the opportunity to perform here.
Joe Lynn Turner “Biography-in Brief”:
In a career spans over 70 album credits, Turner (JLT) is best remembered for his work with Ritchie Blackmore in
Rainbow and Deep Purple. When Blackmore decided to focus on expanding Rainbow's audience, he employed JLT.
Turner's talent for writing radio-friendly rock hits, combined with his stage appeal, vocal range and ability to sing a
variety of songs, helped catapult Rainbow to a higher level of commercial success. In the late 80s, he revived the
career of another guitar virtuoso, Yngwie Malmsteen. In 1990, he reunited with Blackmore and joined Deep Purple.
Fans continue to demand to hear his distinctive, soulful, bluesy rock voice and he’s never stopped writing, recording
or performing. His discography features over ten solo CDs and a bevy of lead vocal work on several other projects.
Turner has toured, recorded and performed with a diverse array of artists including Billy Joel, Cher, ACDC's Brian
Johnson, Mick Jones (Foreigner), Michael Bolton, Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) and more.
His latest CD release is SUNSTORM “Edge of Tomorrow.” SUNSTORM is Joe Lynn Turner's successful AOR/melodic
rock project, something that came about for the first time in 2006 when Frontiers Records’ president Serafino
Perugino, wanted to dig up some unreleased gems that Turner wrote during the late '80s and early '90s. He recently
traveled to Vikos Gorge in northern Greece to film a spectacular video for the title track from the new CD.
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