FOREST FIELD - Onwards And Upwards (Showcase)

Friday, May 8, 2015
Onwards And Upwards
Produced By: 
Peter Cox
Release Date: 
Progressive Melodic Rock
Forest Field is a project with the intent of creating an ear caressing combination of ambient and
proggy typed instrumentals with vocal Progressive Rock songs. The name originates from the local
name for the region where founder and songwriter Peter lives.
The second full length album sees Phil Vincent (Legion, D´Ercole, Tragik, solo) taking care of all vocals.
Sue Straw returns, this time to add some haunting Native American flutes on the track Hope. All
other instruments were performed, recorded and produced by Peter Cox (Chinawhite, Earthshine) at
Down the Road studio Netherlands.
We are proud to mention that the mix was handled by Billy Sherwood of Yes and Circa: fame at Circa:
HQ, Ca, USA and mastering was taken care of by Maor Appelbaum in Ca, USA.
The theme is best presented with the track stronger: “ it´s not the falling down, it´s the getting up
again” . Hence the album´s title, keep moving forward! The odd numbered tracks are again all
instrumentals. The even numbered tracks have vocals.
On the EPK for the album can be found, as well as teaser samples for various other tracks.
Phil Vincent (USA): all vocals (
Sue Straw (USA): NA flutes on 3 ( )
Peter Cox (NL): everything else, so all guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and programming
The album is available in digital formats on all major retailers and Spotify. A CD version is available through CDBaby and the bands label Rock Company.
BeNeLux distribution through Rock Inc. / Bertus.