SOTO - Inside The Vertigo (Showcase)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Inside The Vertigo
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January 30
Melodic Metal
Jeff Scott Soto – one of today's premier Rock frontmen and vocalists – and a union of hotshot young musicians bring you a slamming blend of melody and muscle in some of the freshest power metal to surface in years present. Together they are SOTO, and their debut album “Inside The Vertigo” will blow your mind away. The album is going to be released on January 30th, 2015 on earMUSIC
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Exclusive track by track comments from Jeff Scott Soto - and check out the exclusive 1 minute soundbytes while you read through.
1- Final Say - My good friend and brilliant guitarist/producer of Adrenaline Mob came to me with this blistering track that I knew was the perfect album opener for the album! He plays all instruments on the entire track as well, I did all the vocals. The lyrics are exactly what you think they're about, being pushed, bullied and taken advantage on for the last time...and doing something about it!
2- The Fall - The 1st single from the album, it was written with a young unknown bassist Tony Dickinson who I know from my touring with Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Tony is one of the backup musicians who knows the entire show if someone has an emergency to go home or becomes too sick to do the tour, he would step into the tour. Tony plays all instruments on the song except lead guitar which is done by another young sensation, Chris Feener. The lyrics are much the same as Final Say, being bullied by a schoolmate, boss or even family member...and seeking your revenge.

3- Wrath - Written with my dear friend Gus G, after working with him on a song for his 1st solo album, I asked him to give me something heavy for my next album. Gus plays all bass and guitar on this song, Edu Cominato covers the drums. As you can see a theme forming here, the lyrics are again a reminder that one has been pushed to the corner for too long and will seek retribution.

4- Break - This was written with another backup musician I know through Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Connor Engstrom, who is a backup musician for the band. Connor is a guitarist/multi-instrumentalist who gave me the music to this song based on my description of what I was looking for musically. He plays all music except Tony Dickinson is on bass and special guest Casey Grillo (Kamelot) on drums. The lyrics are about deceived and lied to over and over...about not putting up with the abuse anymore and breaking away.

5- Narcissistically Yours - Co-written and recorded by Brazilian guitarist Leo Mancini (Tempestt/Shaman) and Edu Cominato, bass by Henrique Baboom, Leo is a dear friend and colleague I have known and worked with for many years. The lyrics are about being cheated on and lied to in a relationship by a person who loves themselves  and thinks they could get away with it because they feel everyone wants them.

6- End Of Days - Another co-written with Connor Engstrom, this was one of the hardest songs I have ever written but one of the proudest moments of my career! I asked Connor to write me an epic, movie soundtrack, modern day Bohemian Rhapsody type song. He turned in the song exactly as you hear it, without vocals of course...this is when I had to take this 9 minute piece of music and create lyrics and melodies. Connor handles all the music except Tony Dickinson is on bass, Casey Grillo is on drums and I covered all the vocals except the children's choir, who is made up of my 2 nieces and stepdaughter. The lyrics are about the state of the world we live in, the future that we are stepping into from global warming to terrorism. I got my inspiration from watching Terminator 2 one afternoon at home and the lyrics wrote themselves!

7- Inside The Vertigo - Co-written and performed by Gary Schutt, I asked Gary if he had something that sounded futuristic and modern yet heavy and moody. Edu handles the drums and I do all vocals. The lyrics are also about escaping a life where you're constantly being told what to do, about sneaking away into the vertigo as an alternate way of life.

8- When I'm Older - Co-written with my drummer Edu Cominato, he turned in to me probably the closest thing to a ballad on the album, but I didn't want a standard ballad, it had to be something uptempo and not cheesy. I have been listening to a lot of Shinedown and Foo Fighters the past years so in creating the melodies, I wrote them based on being able to hear this sung by either band. When I was sitting around trying to come up with the lyrics, my wife Elena was scribbling some words and ideas reminding me she is quite creative with poems and thoughts. I asked her to send me what she was working on and it coincidentally matched what I was doing so I merged our lyrics together and fit them into the song.

9- Trance - This was a last minute addition to the album, Edu Cominato and his good friend and guitarist Hugo Mariutti (Angra, Shaman) gave to me to check out. I loved the modern day Sabbath vibe it gave off and came up with the lyrics and melodies with ease! Edu is on drums and loops here, Hugo on guitars, Henrique Baboom on bass, Jorge Salan on lead guitar and me on all vocals. The lyrics are about being so enamored with someone that you would do anything including give your life for them.

10- Jealousy - This one was co-written with BJ, my keyboard/rhythm guitarist. From the opening guitar riff on, I knew this was something I was missing and needed for the album. BJ does all bass and guitars, Leo Mancini is on lead guitar and Edu on drums. To color it up before we went to mix, I asked Connor Engstrom to create some orchestrations and the song was complete. Lyrically its exactly what the title states, but its about someone who lives their lives jealous of others instead of finding their own way and happiness.

11- Karma's Kiss - For years, I have been wanting and trying to collaborate with my old friend Jason Bieler of Saigon Kick as well, he handled guitar duties and the 1st ever Talisman tour back in 1990. I explained it had to be very heavy and he sent me one of the heaviest riffs I have ever heard from him! Jason handles all guitar duties, Saigon Kick bassist Chris McLernon handles the bass and Edu is on drums. The lyrics this time, I didn't want to be angry or negative, I wanted to see if I could write something positive and uplifting within the context of a dark and heavy song. It's about escaping inside the vertigo as well, but not running from anything, more about seeing life in a good light.

12- Fall To Pieces - Co-written and performed by my guitarist Jorge Salan, this was another Salan classic hard rock track! To make the recording easy, he brought in some local musicians in Spain, Juan Carlos Gibaja on bass and Edu Brenes on drums to submit to me. I wrote the lyrics also about being deceived and lied to by either a politician or even a relationship, how easy it is to be blinded by lies.
A neurotic blend of power metal, prog, groove-laden huge guitars, hooks and production, SOTO is a contender in today's modern Rock arena while capturing the essence of strong songwriting simultaneously.
Jeff explains, ''I've been in the game for a long time but my roots started more on the heavier side of the tracks, I thought it was about time I came home to visit the family and stick around for a while!''.
The band is comprised of Jeff's most current solo band, who he insisted on making this musical merge with him. Jorge Salan(lead guitar), BJ (keys, guitars), David Z (bass) and Edu Cominato (drums). Soto adds, ''These guys come from different parts of the world and bring their own influence to make this band very special. From the US to Europe to South America, we have an exciting mix of style and prestige that keeps us all on our toes''.
Jeff adds, ''The past 5 or more years have propelled me a plethora of anger and frustration, I'm actually quite pissed off about a lot of things, SOTO is my outlet to release some of this pent up emotion. We realize there are a lot of folks young and old who may be sharing these thoughts so this is especially for them too. We're not reinventing the wheel here, we're just creating an outlet for where our hearts are both musically and mentally…I’m just not in a 'touch your golden hair' mood right now!''.
Songs like Break”, “The Fall”, “Wrath”, “Narcissistically Yours” and Final Say” are perfect vehicles of raw emotion. Songs like “When I'm Older”, “Karma’s Kiss”, to the title track Inside The Vertigo” and the 9+ minute epic End Of Days” advocate a modern day reality/wake-up call.
Produced by Jeff Scott Soto, the album features tracks co-written with his bandmates as well as a of his famous friends/colleagues. Collaborators include guitarists Gus G (Firewind, Ozzy)Jason Bieler (Saigon Kick)Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob) and Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger/TSO), all of whom perform on their penned tracks for the album. Others appearing as guests/co-writers are Casey Grillo (Kamelot), Connor EngstromTony DickinsonLeo ManciniHugo Mariutti and Gary Schutt.
The album was recorded during the latter months of 2013 and mixed/mastered in Boston by Soto's long time engineer and friend John Ellis''Everyone from John to my amazing co-writers to some of my bandmates, especially Edu who was extremely instrumental on helping me stay on course musically, get overall credit for creating this album. I oversaw it as a whole knowing the vision I wanted to capture but I truly had a lot of help from my bros that appear on this masterpiece!'' exclaims Soto.
The release of the album intentionally coincides with the birth date of JSS’s fallen colleague and dear friendMarcel Jacob of Talisman. RIP.
Watch out for SOTO to follow up the release of “Inside The Vertigo” with extensive touring and appearances throughout 2015.