RADIATION ROMEOS - Radiation Romeos (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Michael Voss
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Hard Rock
Radiation Romeos is the Michael Voss produced comeback vehicle for former Atomic Playboys vocalist Parramore McCarty. Thing is, I always considered the weak spot of the one-off Atomic Playboys album was the vocals. If not for the glorious riffing of Steve Stevens, that album would have struggled.
And so it is that this album, with McCarty’s vocals being the featured aspect, is something of a struggle to get through. The opening track which pays tribute to the Playboys album is the best rocker here.
I’ve no credits, so I have no idea who’s responsible for the songwriting, but there’s not much here worthy of the deafening scream that is McCarty’s vocals. Largely set in that dreaded plodding mid-tempo pace, the album meanders along from one song to another with few highlights.
Strangely, the better songs here are the few slower, more melodic numbers. The anthemic 80s melodic rocker Ocean Drive is quite superb, but also quite out of character for the rest of the record.
The ballad Like An Arrow and the melodic rock of Til The End Of Time stand out as better songs and better, more melodic vocals that reminds me of the Scorpions.
With so much to choose from, I reckon this album is probably already out of people’s minds by now (it was released in June).

Worthy of a few iTunes single purchases, but as an album it’s not strong enough to make an impression. Production wise there’s no complaints as you’ll never go wrong with Voss in charge. The artwork is probably the best thing about the whole package.