DGM - The Passage (Review)

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Progressive Melodic Metal
You need a bit of variety in your music and this month it is DGM from Italy, presenting their 8th studio album! Yes, 8. This is however the first I’ve heard from them, but it’s enough to get my attention right from the start.
Performing a mix of progressive metal and European symphonic hard rock, Evergrey singer Tom Englund and Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo both appear as special guests and the band thanks both bands plus Secret Sphere, Pagan’s Mind and Circus Maximus in their liner notes.
That should give you some indication of where the band sits musically.
That established, it is all about the songs and much like others of this ilk, this record is not a one-listen and appreciate kind of deal. Its only over repeated listens that the true melodies and the intricacies of the songs show themselves.
There’s a lot of Dream Theater in these guys too. The hooks and chorus structures aren’t obvious, but they are there.
Songs range from 2 to 8 minutes in length, with melodies often revealing themselves in the vocals within verses, much like that of Circus Maximus.

I can’t quite rank this album up with the artists that influence the sound of DGM, but the impressive and likeable lead vocals, plus the intelligent arrangements and powerful performances do make this album one to remember and check out if you’re a fan of the progressive way of life.