LYNCH MOB - Rebel (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
George Lynch & Chris Collier
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Hard Rock
Everywhere you turn right now, there’s George Lynch, whether it be a solo release, a collaboration with another high profile artist (such as Michael Sweet) and now here again with a brand new Lynch Mob record.
Terrific to see Oni Logan fronting the band for another album, for me, he has always been the voice of this band. And great to see all songs produced and written by the duo.
Joining in the fun here is the perfect rhythm section for the occasion – Jeff Pilson and Brian Tichy.
As expected George keeps to his current style, which are his much loved riff and solo guitar playing, over a pretty heavy, high impact contemporary sound.
I love the production on this album – it’s tight and well balanced – everything can be heard with no one element overpowering another.
Song wise you can’t go past the heavy commercial groove of Automatic Fix or the thumping bass of Between the Truth and a Lie; while Testify is slow moving, grinding, ear bending heaviness; and Sanctuary is another pretty cool uptempo rocker.
Pine Tree Avenue features the biggest R&B groove of the album and along with Dirty Money represent the most alt-modern tracks.
The Ledge is a cool slower track with a hint of sentiment and some acoustic thrown in for good measure.
War is one of the very few uptempo tracks and is instantly one of my favorites.

Lynch fans will love this unquestionably. Dokken fans…mostly. Outsiders…not sure.
The production is awesome, the guitar work sensational, but the pacing could be a little more varied. A couple more uptempo tracks would have been nice. But killer groove as always.
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