KISKE / SOMERVILLE - City Of Heroes (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Mat Sinner
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Metal
Friday, April 24, 2015
5 years after an acclaimed debut, the team behind Kise/Somerville regroups for a sequel. The resultant album – City Of Angels – is everything the debut offered and more.
All the key players return – German metal singer Michael Kiske and American symphonic metal vocalist Amanda Somerville, along with producer and bassist Mat Sinner, who once again wrote the bulk of the album with guitarist/keyboardist Magnus Karlsson.
There is no major disruption to the formula of the debut or the same formula used by Karlsson on his Allen/Lande releases – that is dueling powerhouse vocals over a bed of swirling keyboards and ear crunching riffs and an in-your-face rhythm section (featuring drummer Veronika Lukesova).
Mixed and mastered by the best guy in the business, Jacob Hansen, this album has an even greater sonic impact than the debut and is another great example of Karlsson’s much loved bombastic style.
Song wise, we’re in safe hands and Sinner/Karlsson turn in some memorable melodic metal songs, with an even mix of power and pomp.
The opening title track is a wide choice to kick off the album while Walk On Water is an easy choice as single, being the most commercial track on the album.
Salvation is a free flowing anthemic metal track (written by Somerville)
Lights Out has an instantly likeable hook and is a great foot thumper.
And so it continues through the album in very consistent fashion. The tempo is kept up apart from the dreamy ballad Ocean Of Tears and the more impactful After The Night Is Over.
The feisty Open Your Eyes stands out, as does second from last Run With A Dream.
One thing I did notice quite clearly is that the star of this album is Amanda Somerville. She’s all over these songs and Kiske is definitely the minor player here.

Another easy purchase for fans of the debut and both singers. There’s no change in the formula and what is expected is delivered.
The production quality does seem to have jumped a notch or two and the clear mix makes for an easy listen.