SWEET & LYNCH - Only To Rise (Review)

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Produced By: 
Michael Sweet
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
January 23
Musical Style: 
Melodic Hard Rock
You could spend a week discussing the musical heritage and history of Michael Sweet and George Lynch alone, but then there’s also bassist James Lomenzo and drummer Brian Tichy to consider. So in the interest of time, I’ll presume everyone reading this is well aware of the accomplishments of all these great folk. It’s actually almost unbelievable they are gathered on the one record.
Unlike some other cobbled together supergroups or all-star projects, when Michael Sweet was pitched this idea, he loved it so much he took over completely - asking to produce the album as well as co-writing the 12 tracks with guitarist Lynch.
And that’s what makes this album gel so well and why this works – the songs are all written in-house and therefore are a true representative mix of both artists’ attributes and influences.
It is a great mix of Sweet and Stryper’s recent melodic hard rock output with that classic Lynch Mob groove-n-sleaze.
The first 4 tracks are especially inspiring. The pump of The Wish and the groove and chorus of Like A Dying Rose, then the rock ballad Love Stays and the groovy free flowing Time Will Tell - all catchy tunes and all impressive representation of the talents involved.
Other highlights include the atmospheric slow burner Me Without You; the fast moving rock-n-groove of Recover; the moody September and the darker, rhythm driven Hero-Zero.
The album finishes with an old school melodic metal track Only To Rise.

A hard rocking album from start to finish, which I’m very impressed with. Production is well suited for the style of the music and most impressive of all is the fact all songs were co-written by Lynch and Sweet for this new partnership.
On the basis of the quality of what has been delivered here, fans enthusiastic reaction and plans to tour this mean this is one star project that looks set to go the distance.
One of my favourite releases from both main participants.