ADRIANGALE - 'Defiance' (Review)

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Vic Rivera
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Melodic Rock
Kivel Records
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Adriangale are another band back in quick time with another new studio opus after firing back to life in 2013.
Defiance is a fitting title for a band that has overcome the odds and continues to deliver.
There’s nothing better than a band that learns and keeps getting better and better with each album. And as enjoyable as each album from these guys has been, they have continued to get better and I’m pleased to say that Defiance is in my eyes, their best and most accomplished album to date. I’m being tougher with scores since the new site launch, so the 93% here is truly well deserved.
Taking the best anthemic AOR qualities of their past and toughening up the sound a little, upping the production value and delivering a crystal clear mix is what this album is all about.
Jamie Rowe sounds as comfortable singing here as I have ever heard him and the quality of Vic Rivera’s guitar playing on this album is world class.
I’ve always told him he needs to continue showing the world what he can do, as far back as his blazing work on the Rick Springfield tribute cover of Souls.
There’s not a weak or filler track on this album. Just 10 really enjoyable songs. No padding – just straight to the point.
The opening (and title) track Defiance sets up this album beautifully. Darker, a little heavier and a killer moody chorus.
Back To You is similar – a brooding moody verse that leads to an anthemic layered chorus. Love it. Adriangale at their best.
What About Love is a gritty guitar fueled rocker with lots of vocal harmonies once again.
Sometimes has a heavier than usual guitar riff which I love, added to with a blindingly good anthemic chorus.
The only big ballad of the album is the perfect moody Last Of My Heart. It has a great sentimental feel and lots of harmonies.
The closing track demonstrates that if Billy Idol is ever looking for someone to stand in for him, he should give Jamie Rowe a call and Vic Rivera can stand in for Steve Stevens.
Speed replicates the original Idol tune in pretty faithful fashion. It’s a cool addition to the original material.

Another album, another winner. Arguably the band’s best effort yet – at least in my eyes. There is no doubt that all fans of melodic rock should find something very tasty about this album, the songs and the layers within.