Double Stop Podcast - ERIC MARTIN

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
In Episode 99 of The Double Stop, Brian is joined by return guest Eric
Martin (Mr. Big)
Eric Martin returns to discuss the new Mr Big album 'Defying Gravity',
as well as his past solo records, Triumph’s cover of “Just One Night"
and dealing with online trolls.
On the new sounds on "Defying Gravity" (16:46) "I actually love it,
but when we did it at first I was second guessing and wondering if
this was going to work. I hoped people were going to dig it. Because
it's a different format than what we've done before. We've always hat
that "Daddy Brother" or "Addicted To That Rush". And the next song is
a middle of the road country rock kind of song, And the next on e is a
ballad. And this one is different"
On Triumph recording a version of his solo song "Just One Night"
(32:20) "I'd written that song with Neal Schon (Journey), and I did
the demo with Kevin Elson. And Mike (Clink) turned it on to the guys.
They did an amazing job of it. A really cool song for triumph. A
different kind of song for Triumph."
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