One On One With Mitch Lafon - EPICA


Vocalist SIMONE SIMONS from EPICA guests on Ep. 259 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.


In the show's only interview, vocalist SIMONE SIMONS OF EPICA discusses the band's new album The Holographic Principle, motherhood, her fashion & style blog, Nightwish's Oceanborn, movie work, Disney and much more.

Quotes from the interview:

The mindset going into the recording of The Holographic Principle (Time 1.14): "To, at least, have the same level of quality that we had with the Quantum Enigma."

(Time 1.58): "The writing process happened all over the world not only at our home studios, but also in the airplanes and back lounges of the tour bus."

Translating the music to the live stage (time 5.21): "We know that it's impossible for us to take the orchestras and choir with us - so there's anyways always backtracks so there you have limitless options."

Voicing movies (time 12.39): "I would love to actually be a guest vocalist in a Disney movie or an epic blockbuster... Disney movies - when I was little I loved Ariel, Aladdin, Beauty & The Beast and stuff like that. I think my voice would be suited for that really well."

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