One On One With Mitch Lafon - JEFF PILSON (Dokken)

FOREIGNER and returning to DOKKEN bassist JEFF PILSON guests on Ep. 257 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.


In the show's only interview, Foreigner bassist Jeff Pilson talks about his upcoming return to Dokken, the possibilities for a new album, on 'doing it for the money' and much more.

Quotes from the interview:

For the money criticism (time 1.44): "This is entertainment. This is art. I think people and even artists themselves don't want to think that they do it just for the money. We have a fairly privileged life doing this and to think that we do it just for the money kind of brings up a bad picture in your mind."

(time 2.18): "I think that's how Mick was honestly feeling like the only reason he wanted to do it was for the money, but I've spoken with him since and now he's excited and gets the musical possibilities."

(Time 2.30): "We have a chance to go out and prove ourselves again as a band. I do love music and I do love Dokken even though we were a troubled band in so many ways."

The old wounds (time 5.58): "The truth is - in putting this thing together there were some old wounds that opened up. I think that's bound to happen. We're all pretty passionate dudes. We're all pretty sensitive dudes, but it gave us the opportunity to clear the air a little bit."

Is it really the end? (time 10.54): "Don says it is so I've got to take him at his word. For me, I would keep it as an open door."

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