One On One With Mitch Lafon - MICHAEL SWEET


STRYPER's MICHAEL SWEET guests on Ep. 242 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.


In the show's only interview, STRYPER's MICHAEL SWEET goes track-by-track with his fantastic new solo album One Sided War, talks about Stryper's 30th Anniversary To Hell With The Devil Tour, Boston, Joel Hoekstra, working on new Stryper music as well as the second Sweet/Lynch album. Plus, we amusingly discuss what it would be like if he fronted Van Halen and much more.

ONE SIDED WAR (Track Listing):

Bizarre (video on YouTube:
One Sided War
Can't Take This Life
Golden Age
Only You
I Am
Who Am I
You Make Me Wanna
Comfort Zone
One Way Up
Can't Take This Life (featuring Moriah Formica)
Not To Be (Japanese Bonus Track)

Quotes from the interview:

The sound of One Sided War (time 2.12): "I grew up with bands from Iron Maiden and Judas Priest to Journey... On this album I really wanted to focus on the heavier side. Songs like I Am, Bizarre and Golden Age that are just straight-ahead metal."

time (3.17): "I've heard the comment thousands of times (with a sneer) from people saying, 'it's not as heavy as Stryper,' or 'it doesn't have the balls that Stryper has,' so I just wanted to put an end to those comments with this album."

Boston (48.43): "At that time, I was kind of burnt on the Stryper thing. It was refreshing to go out and do something different and I needed it. Standing on stage singing Boston songs every night was so surreal. Pinch me moments every night."

Van Halen (51.00): "If I got a call from Van Halen to go sing for Van Halen and the right circumstances... I would absolutely do it."

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