Noize In The Attic Podcast - DORO

Doro Pesch talks candidly on this week's Noize In The Attic - Where Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You ( on 88.7FM New Haven CT.
Doro discusses her upcoming single "Love's Gone To Hell" and reflects on her long relationship with her dear friend, Lemmy Kilmister.
'Last time she saw him, I could see he was not feeling well.  He was very, very skinny very thin. Lemmy said, 'Doro, it's all sold out but now I'm too old to enjoy it.' 'When he said that, it brought tears to my eyes'.

'When I finally got the call, I didn't even have to pick up the phone.  I felt the ringing of the phone was strange.  Oh no''

Hear the full episode (the interview starts at 30 minute mark)

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