Totally Driven Radio Interviews TRIXTER's Mark Gus Scott

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Drummer of the band Trixter - Mark Gus Scott talks to Totally Driven Radio about.

**The new single & video “Human Era”
**the band not playing for 13 years
**how the grunge came in during the 90’s, and how he has no idea what happened to music since the turn of the century
**Trixter starting the whole flannel craze of the 90’s, but never getting credit
**How Trixter was formed in the early 80s, through their teenage years, and ended up getting signed & dominating Mtv
**the record company asked them to shave a few years off their age, they make they a “youth” band
**Mtv did a “Smash or Trash” with the band, that’s how they got in the rotation
**How “DIAL Mtv” was canceled with their video “Surrender” at #1, and never played on Mtv again
**Why is Mtv still called Mtv
**How Mtv & video really killed the radio star
**The years Trixter wasn’t playing, he was working real jobs, started a business
**That he is amazed they got a second chance at this, and people still want to see them
**The new album “Human Era”
**How it is working with Frontiers Records, compared to record companies of the old days
**Videos just as important today, as the Mtv years
**The world of social media and connecting with fans
**How vinyl is making a comeback

Mark hangs out with us for almost 40 minutes...

You can listen here to his full interview here:
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