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In episode 110 of One On One With Mitch Lafon, Mitch is joined by The Voice of DOKKEN, Don Dokken.

In this episode Don discusses the making of a new Dokken album, talks about George Lynch and Jeff Pilson, chooses Dokken's BEST album, talks about his voice, newest member Mark Boals, Heavy Montreal, and much more.

Quotes from the interview: "Fans expect you to sound exactly like you did on the record that you did 30 years ago and they expect you to sound amazing every night."

"I didn't know George very well and we had friction from day one. We just have totally different personalities."

"Jeff (Pilson) was the most multi-talented of anybody in the band. He plays bass well. He plays guitar well and he plays piano. He's multi-faceted and was always good at recording."

"For me, the masterpiece is Dysfunctional."

This episode is co-hosted by FIREHOUSE guitarist, Bill Leverty.

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