MARK SLAUGHTER On 3 Sides Of The Coin

Friday, April 24, 2015

In Episode 123, April 21, 2015. Mark Slaughter Gives the Not So Pretty Details on Vinnie Vincent. What was the very first comment Vinnie Vincent made to Mark? What was the first comment Gene Simmons said to Mark when Slaughter toured with KISS? Who got the Vinnie Vincent Invasion their record deal? How did Slaughter get their record deal? How did Vinnie treat Mark on stage? Just what kind of a person is Vinnie Vincent? And of course... did Vinnie Vincent save KISS?

A couple revelations by Mark Slaughter:

Vinnie hears Mark sing for the very first time and says "That's bullshit." "That sounds like shit."

Before a show in Philadelphia, Vinnie tells Mark, "You really sounded like garbage last night and if you don't pull it together you're not singing on the record."

Follow Mark Slaughter online at and order his brand new solo album Reflections In A Rear View Mirror. 23 minute mark the interview begins.

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