MICHAEL JESSEN Joins MelodicRock Records With 'Bulletproof'

Friday, March 15, 2019
MelodicRock Records is excited to welcome guitarist MICHAEL JESSEN to the label.
MRR will release Michael’s new album ‘Bulletproof’ alongside fellow Dane Martie Peters on March 15.
Born and raised in Denmark, Michael Jessen played with several rock bands through his youth, including “McTamparcs” to “High Octane”, “RockStar” and several others.
He picked up the guitar by the age of 15, and a childhood friend taught him how to play the main riff for AC/DC’s “Hells Bells”.
For 2014’s debut ‘Memories’, Michael teamed with one of his vocal heroes Goran Edman, who I am very pleased to say is back in the frontman role for all vocals on the new ‘Bulletproof’ release.
The full album credits are:
Vocals: Göran Edman
Guitars: Michael Jessen
Bass: Christoffer Hoås
Drums: Mads Grunnet
All songs written by Michael Jessen
Produced by Christian Bonde and Michael Jessen
Mastered by Christian Bonde at CB Studios, Denmark
Guest Vocals on Beautiful Life by Lydia Salnikova
Piano on Beautiful Life by Morten Dybro
01. Stand My Ground
02. Coming Home Tonight
03. Too Young To Die
04. Beautiful Life
05. Church Of Rock
06. Like A Game
07. This Generation
08. Lost Inside A Dream
09. Your Photograph
10. September 8
With this announcement, MRR and Michael Jessen are pleased to present the lead track from the album, ‘Coming Home Tonight’.
The first band Michael joined was at the public evening youth club and was called “McTampacs”. It included bass player Christoffer Hoås, guitarist Daniel Beck, and not very long after the beginning, drummer Mads Grunnet. The band played a great deal of school contests and small-town markets, but after a few years Michael left the band as it was taking a more “laid back easy rock direction”.
All his former bands played guitar-oriented rock music and Michael started to compose more and more music. Some of his songs fitted his current bands and some were recorded with other artists.
In 2002 he teamed up with Christoffer Hoås and Mads Grunnet from the old band, and found
vocalist Michael Witus to form a band. The first band name was “High Octane” and only 6 months after the band’s debut, they recorded a 4-tack demo in a professional studio with songs by Michael Jessen.
The band continued for 10 years with shows, festivals gigs and another demo recording, but without getting the big attention. In 2012, lead singer Michael Witus quit the band, and in the aftermath, Michael got Christoffer and Mads involved with the new solo project.
Michael wanted to try out his talent as a solo artist. He got in contact with one of his vocals heroes,
Mr Göran Edman (ex- Yngwie Malmsteen singer) who agreed to do the vocals for an EP.
Michael then approached former band members Mads Grunnet and Christoffer Hoås to join him on drums and bass. The album was recorded through 2013, and also features Morten Dybro on piano, and a guest appearance by Michael’s childhood guitar hero John Norum (Europe).
The album titled ‘Memories’, was released wordwide by Massacre Records in December 2014.
It was very well received by critics all around the world.
In 2017-2018 Michael again teamed up with Göran Edman, Christoffer Hoås and Mads Grunnet.
Signed a new record deal with MelodicRock Records, and 10 new songs were rehearsed and recorded at CB studios, DK, by Christian Bonde Sørensen.
MelodicRock Records will release MICHAEL JESSEN ‘Bulletproof’ WORLDWIDE ON March 15.
Pre-orders available Friday.