DALLAS Delivers Some Classic AOR Via AOR Blvd Records

Aor Blvd Records are proud and excited to present the signing of the future of Aor, Dallas...
Featuring San Franciscos Bryan Dallas, songwriter extrodinaire and all round intrumentalist. A fourteen track cd licensed to Anderstein Music, Japan will be released in July, followed by our U.K version ​with different songs in August.
An unstoppable force driven by over 100 songs and performing his origionals on guitar, piano, bass, drums and various other instruments, you could say he is ready to make some noise. Bryan Dallas is a trained musician and vocalist with an ear for harmony and a rhythmic sensibility.
Besides learning the live environment through touring and shows, Bryan has become fluent in todays music produciton tech savy environment and commercial recording studios.
In the beginning when bryan worked in radio he began to learn about the way music impacts culture. Even before being welcomed to the world of radio Bryan had already got a feel for the magic of the San Francisco live music scene as a stage hand for remote recording
broadcasts of major artists.  All of this experience poised him to persue the long-term goal of being a creator of music.
From a performance standpoint, Bryan thrives on the connection music creates. With over a decade of professional recording and performing experience Bryan states "I still have a lot to learn."
​*To be released by Anderstein Records Aug 24th 2018
​1) Rock N Roll Never Dies
2) This Love*
3) Rock You Like A Bomb
4) Bring The Light*
5) Rip It Up
6) I Close My Eyes*
7) Lay It All On The Line
8) Miles Away
9) I Wanna Buy You A Star
Bonus Tracks
10) Don't Ever Stop
11) Heaven Down
12) Forever
13) Rock Ain't Dead
14) Feel The Music
*To be released by AorblvdRecords Sept 24th 2018
1) Rock N Roll Never Dies
2) This Love
3) Rock You Like A Bomb
4) Bring The Light
5) Rip It Up
​6) Close My Eyes
7) Lay It On The Line
8) Miles Away
9) I Wanna Buy You A Star
10) Don't Ever Stop
11) Open Your Heart
12) Over Now
13) Miles Away (Neon Blue Mix)
Kelv Hellrazer says: "The most exciting artist I've worked with since Poison and White Lion...Think Winger, Bon jovi, Blue Tears, Def Leppard, Reckless Love meeting Danger Danger up a dark alley. ​He has a massive buzz , the boys' got so many songs ..".and looks like a star....