VIANA Album Teaser Online; Pre-Order Starts Today


A video teaser for Viana's self titled debut album, scheduled for release on March 24th via Street Symphonies Records, has been posted online at this address: The CD is available for pre-order at

"Bad Signs" lyric video:


Track List:
1. Straight Between Our Hearts
2. Bad Signs
3. Feel Your Love Tonight
4. Night Of Fire
5. Follow The Dawn
6. A New Love
7. Living A Lie
8. Just To Sing
9. Open Road
10. That Place Is You

Stefano Viana, guitars

Special Guests:
Alessandro Del Vecchio, vocals
Francesco Marras, guitars
Anna Portalupi, bass
Alessandro Mori, drums
Gabriele Gozzi, backing vocals
Pasquale India, keyboards