LOVERBOY 'Stop The Rain' Fan Video Winner

When LOVERBOY fan David Napolillo first heard the band's new single, "Stop the Rain," and decided to enter the contest to make the best official video for the song, he interpreted the title in a very unique way. 
"I knew the most obvious theme would be lots of rain, but I didn't want to do what other entries might do," he explained. "So, instead of using the literal image of rain, I had aliens 'raining down' on Earth in search of this awesome band they recently discovered."  
That unusual approach was enough to make his video the winning entry in the contest on LOVERBOY's website, with the auteur receiving a black Fender Squire guitar autographed by the entire band. His clip is now the official music video for the single, which can be downloaded for free on the LOVERBOY site (, and is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Tunecore and Deezer, among others. The new official fan-made video for "Stop the Rain" can be seen HERE.
The band's guitarist, Paul Dean, who helped spearhead the contest, was impressed with all the results, but was most pleased with Napolillo's winner. "My bucket list always contained my wish that we, as a species, would contact extraterrestrials in my lifetime," he said. "Well, wish granted. Congratulations to David Napolillo of Spring, TX, for abducting LOVERBOY into the 'Alien Hall of Fame' "
"Stop the Rain" represents the latest previously unreleased Loverboy song following the country-flavored "Hurtin'" and "Some Like It Hot" - described by Paul Dean as "the first and only shuffle LOVERBOY has ever done" -- last year. Doug Johnson wrote "Stop the Rain," explaining it was inspired by living in Vancouver, where there is plenty of precipitation, but no known sighting of extraterrestrials.
Said Johnson: "I loved David's interpretation.  It just goes to show how a song can work on any number of different levels."
LOVERBOY continues to work, not just for the weekend but every day of the week, offering a free download of their brand new single, "Stop the Rain," as well as the opportunity for their fans to produce their own video for the track, with the winning entry earning a black Fender Squire guitar (seen below) autographed by the entire band.  The single is now online (February 9) at the Loverboy website (, where it can be downloaded for free, then will be available tomorrow, February 10, for streaming at all major sites, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Tunecore and Deezer, among others.
The video entries can be submitted by e-mail to and shared on Facebook tagging Loverboy. The deadline is February 24, after which the contest will be closed.  The band will announce the winner, which will then become the official YouTube video for the song.
"Stop the Rain" represents the latest previously unreleased Loverboy song following last year's, "Some Like It Hot." 
Doug Johnson, who wrote the new song, says it was inspired by living in Vancouver. "The wet weather was the original inspiration, but on a deeper level it's about perseverance and hope," says the band's longtime keyboardist. "I hope it inspires some excellent contest entries."
"It's the kind of hopeful song I could never write before, about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel... Mike really sings the sh*t out of it."
Added Reno about the single: "Coming from a city like Vancouver, 'stop the rain' means... 'stop the rain.'"
The band is hoping the guitar giveaway motivates the fans to put their best filmmaking foot forward.
"We're excited to see who makes the best video for the song," says Paul Dean. "We've seen a few of our songs get the fan 'treatment' over the years, but this is the first time we've had a contest. Just download the song from our website and happy editing!"
Loverboy's almost four-decade-long career began in Calgary when vocalist Mike Reno was introduced to local guitar legend Paul Dean, with the two eventually joined by keyboardist Doug Johnson, drummer Matt Frenette and bassist Kenneth "Spider" Sinnaeve, who replaced the late founding member Scott Smith in 2000.
LOVERBOY has four multi-platinum albums, including the four-million-selling Get Lucky, and a trio of double-platinum releases in their self-titled 1980 debut, 1983's Keep It Up and 1985's Lovin' Every Minute of It. Their string of hits includes, in addition to the arena-rock anthem "Working for the Weekend," such staples as "Lovin' Every Minute of It," "This Could Be the Night," "Hot Girls in Love," "Heaven In Your Eyes," "Turn Me Loose," "The Kid is Hot Tonite," "When It's Over," and "Queen of the Broken Hearts.