FOREST FIELD's 4th Album 'Lonely Desert' Out Now

Forest Field are back with  their fourth full length album. After the award winning Angels album (best Rock album of 2015 on One World Music Radio), Forest Field just dived in with eyes closed and set out to make an even more exciting album. Loosely based on the Dune saga from Frank Herbert and other science fiction topics, Lonely Desert raises the bar even further. From instrumental tracks, to the epic Fear, the band bring their trademark melodies, harmonies and impressive guitar work to the next level. Let alone the beautiful art from the famous Blekkmark Design Studio…
·         Valley Of Pain (7:10)
·         Coriolis (7:01)*
·         Doomed In The Desert (6:21)
·         Alienation (Stranger In Me) (5:08)
·         To Bits (3:01)*
·         Asleep (5:24)
·         Into The Light (5:25)
·         Riding The Worm (3:27)*
·         The Confrontation (5:05)
·         Fear (15:10)
*  instrumental.
The video EPK: