LOVE/HATE Explore 'Before The Blackout' on AOR Blvd Records

AorBlvd Records are pleased to release Love Hate – Before The Blackout. A collection of demos recorded from 1986 – 1987. The cd also features liner notes by industry legend Dave Reynolds (Classic Rock/ Kerrang)
Looking back  at bands formation and recording history that  goes further back into the early 1980’s, starting  off as Data Clan who recorded an extremely rare EP and even performed a short tour of Japan.
In the Later half of the 1980’s together with a hard working attitude the band established a reputation on the tough Sunset Strip club gig scene, drafting in Ratt bassist Juan Croucier to produce working demos. 
This period saw the band   influenced and transforming into some of the most innovative styles of rock music, with lyrical topics of lifestyle and self-survival in CA  with a deeper gritty dark side.
In 1990 the grunge scene is in its later stage of infancy, Love Hate released their official debut with producer Tom Werman (Cheap Trick, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister).  Instantly well received and
MTV rotation paid off as this led to supporting tours to AC/DC and Dio, As well as outstanding sales in the UK.
Love Hate to date have made 6 studio albums with various line ups.
⦁ Date with Fate
⦁ Extreme
⦁ Tranquilliser
⦁ I’ve Got to Dream
⦁ Good Ship Dolly Rock
⦁ Reincarnated
⦁ Skid Row Gypsy
⦁ Recognised
⦁ Soul House
⦁ The Outside
⦁ Love Burns
⦁ My Girl
⦁ Gypsy Love
For Japanese Release Only:
*Why Do You Think
Jizzy Pearl – Lead Vocals
Skid Rose – Bass
Jon E. Love – Guitar
Joey Gold – Drums