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Lions Pride Music Releases VIOLET JANINE Debut 'Between Red & Blue'

Lions Pride Music announce the release of Violet Janine's debut album "Between Red & Blue"
Tracklist: 1. Heat On The Highway, 2. Devil In Me, 3. Tell Me, 4. Everyday’s A Fight, 5. Shut Up, 6. So Much More, 7. Better This Than Nothing, 8. Story Of My Life, 9. Down On My Knees.
Between Red & Blue see’s the debut release from Swedish melodic rockers Violet Janine. The band have only been around for a short while, but have quickly stired up some attention in their home country, and it wasn’t long after that the band had penned down 9 tracks and entered the home studio of Daniel Palmqvist, who’s also the lead guitarist of the band and welknown inside the melodic/aor comunitee for his various contributions musically in other bands etc.
The band also quick got in contact with bringing in outside guest vocalist to be featured onto the album in form of the tracks, So Much More, featuring legendary Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin who also wrote the track for the album and Pontus Snibb of Bonafide on the track, Down On My Knees. There’s been made two music videos for the tracks which can be seen in the youtube links further below.
Lead Vocalist Janine Nyman brings to the recordings a powerful raw voice, like an unshaped diamond, ready to sparkle brighter than the sun with the first listenning of her voice. Sparkling along with her is also the eminent guitar playing by Daniel Palmqvist, which also have captured all this in the recording of the album. And with Basse Blyberg, Ian Brunnberg & Mano Lewys to round up the rest of the remaining band, the band is to embark into a bright future.
For future references the band plans on touring in support of the debut album and along the way inspiring with new ideas, one of these are to introduce a fragrance which is significant with the name of the band and will be used when the band is on stage live, for the audience to enjoy.