CRAZY LIXX Finalize New Line-Up

BREAKING NEWS: New year, new video, new guitarists ' Crazy Lixx are back on track!
After the departure of guitarists Andy Dawson and Edd Liam in August 2015, the Swedish hair metal outfit Crazy Lixx have been on the lookout for two new axe men to fill the vacancy. Now, months after the band announced they'll be looking for replacements, Crazy Lixx have released a new music video revealing the identity of the two new guitar players for the first time!
'We've recruited two local guys with loads of experience in the field and the way things are shaping up, I truly think the fans will feel we've put together a great new line-up for Crazy Lixx. We're currently rehearsing a new set of fan favorites from our discography and it's sounding tighter, more focused and better than ever before. I can't wait to get this outfit up on stage,' says lead singer Danny Rexon.
Enjoy the new video - "All Looks, No Hooks" is taken from the band's self-titled 2014 album.

The new line-up of Crazy Lixx is: Danny Rexon (vocals), Jo'l Cirera (Drums), Jens Sj'holm (Bass), Chrisse Olsson (Guitar) & Jens Lundgren (Guitar)