VAIN pledge New Album 'Rolling With The Punches'

Vain to release new album 'Rolling With The Punches' on April 14, 2016!

Legendary glam rockers Vain have announced a pledge campaign to assist with
the funding of their new upcoming album Rolling With The Punches which will
be released on April 14, 2016.

Vain CD coverThe pledge music site for Vain's Rolling With The Punches album
states (with slight edits):

'Vain's new album ' Rolling With The Punches, is coming out on April 14th
2016 and you can be part of it! Come along for the ride with some exclusive
items and stuff you can only get here on PledgeMusic during a limited time.

Vain want to invite our fans to be a part of our new album.

This is your chance to meet the band, visit the recording studio, have a
private talk with Davy Vain, get personalized stuff and loads of more
exclusive offers!

We want this project to be all about our fans. Therefore, we have done our
best to make it all about you! We have been listening to what you and other
fans wants from us and set up tons of exclusive offers only for you guys!

This is a must for all fans. Thanks for checking it out everybody. And a
huge thanks to everybody for all the support over the years! Vain has
definitely got the best fans in the world and we can't wait to take this
ride together will all of you!

Rock on! / Vain