TEN 'The Dragon And Saint George' EP 12" Picture Disc Out Now

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Arriving 2 weeks earlier than expected, Ten's awesome picture disc for the 'Dragon & Saint George' EP is now in stock. Featuring superb artwork from Gaetano Di Falco and no less than SEVEN songs, three of which are unreleased and a fourth, the Japanese bonus track from 'Albion', is available outside Japan for the first time.
Receiving many glowing reviews, this is Ten at their irrepressible best, from historical epics like 'Musketeers - Soldiers of the King' to the currently pertinent political entreaty 'Is There Anyone With Sense?'

Limited to 350 copies world-wide, we have less than 100 copies in stock. Sure to increase in value due to its scarcity value. Order at www.rocktopiarecords.com for the perfect additional Christmas prezzy - or just treat yourself!  Signed copies of Isla De Muerta CD still available, as are red vinyl copies of 'Albion' (2 disc set). All available at rocktopia.com.