LAND OF TALES Releases New Song "Kindred Spirit"

Release Year: 
Land of Tales, founded in 2006, released their debut album "Land of Tales" in year 2008 through Frontiers Records.

The Land of Tales sound is an equal union of keyboards and guitar, crafted with catchy melodies and big choruses! Their fresh approach to songwriting and music makes them stand apart in the melodic rock genre.
As in the case of the debut album, the new compositions are by Kristian and lyrics mainly by Mika Makiranta and Petri Lahtinen. There will be more new material soon, so the Tales will continue.

"We had plenty of time to write, record and produce the new songs, and we are extremely proud of the results. It's really great that people get to hear the new material." (Kristian)
A clip of the new song can be heard here:

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Email: landoftales[at]