ELECTRIC BOYS Add New Member + Tour Dates

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And then there were 5!
People, let's face it; jammin' is kinda difficult across the Atlantic.
As you probably already know, Niclas lives in LA since many years. The budget can't handle flying him in for a gig here and there, which is how Jolle Atlagic came in to the picture.
On the tours with Hanoi Rocks, Jolle and Andy Christell really locked in, so it was a natural step to have Jolle play (who had the Electric Boys albums and knew the songs already).
On the upcoming tours, Jolle Atlagic will do the Dan Reed Network tour in the UK, and Niclas will do the Swedish dates and the rest of the European tour with FM.
In case you haven't already, please welcome Jolle as a full-time member!

He's saved our asses so many times we've lost count smile emoticon
Looking forward to seeing you guys on tour!
/Electric Boys
VIDEO of drummers Niclas Sigevall and new member Jolle Atlagic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jco7t6-mhoE&feature=youtu.be