SERPENTINE SKY Debut First Video 'Midnight'

Release Year: 
Friday, October 30, 2015
There’s nothing better than supporting new band – even if the band in question has been around for 25 years. Is this the longest time period between forming and a debut album being released?
For those familiar with these rockers from Melbourne, Australia, the wait has been worth it!
MelodicRock Records is really excited to have SERPENTINE SKY join the label roster, with their self-titled debut album due for release October 30.
Owner of MRR, Andrew McNeice recalls owning a relic of the band’s early days. “When Zakk sent me their album to check out, I only needed seconds to realize the anthemic lead track Whole Lotta Love has been a part of my collection in the form of a 2 track promo-cassette from the early 90s. I had always loved that song and wanted to hear more. Better late than never! This is a classic melodic rock album with a strong dose of Aussie attitude and a very slick, energetic production.”
“Serpentine Sky” will be released in a 10 track regular edition as well as a limited Special Edition which will contain several bonus tracks which will be announced soon.
Right now I can’t wait to present one of the great tracks off this album. But which one?
How about something different? How about the closing track?
That’s right – this album is so consistently good, we can go right to the end to present a highlight from the set. Don’t you love albums that close out with that absolute killer song that once finished makes you just want to hit play and start over again?
With that in mind, please check out SERPENTINE SKY and “Midnight”: