NELSON 'Back In The Day' Video Premiere Features Rare Footage

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Nelson’s Back In The Day video released by Frontiers Music Srl.
Second Music Video From Nelson’s Acclaimed New Studio Album, Peace Out, features
archival footage their legendary musical father, Rick Nelson.
Gunnar & Matthew Nelson, collectively known simply as Nelson, have
released the second video from their acclaimed Peace Out album, entitled
“Back In The Day.” An ode to the glory days of rock’n’roll from the late 50s
through the 80s when the songs on the radio ruled a kingdom of music fans, the
video features rare archival footage of their father Rick Nelson (one of America’s
biggest pop stars of all time) as well as classic footage of the Nelson brothers
“back in the day.”
“Matthew and I had an absolute blast making the video for Back In The
Day. We'd always wondered what it would be like to play the entire 'band' in a
video ever since we were kids and Paul McCartney did it with his band Wings,”
says Gunnar, in reference to the 1980 MTV video for the McCartney hit, “Coming
“ As fantastic as it seems, it's actually more true to life to the way we
actually record our Nelson records (Matt and I play every instrument and sing
every vocal on our records with very few notable exceptions). This is the kind of
video where you'll catch something new hidden every time you watch it. We're
very proud of the work itself- even more so of the statement the song makes...
which is that everything newer isn't necessarily better; especially on the radio.”
“On this song we sing about the fact that our music is so much more than
merely the soundtrack to our lives; it is so often reduced to background noise- its
the friend that's never let us down. It's the confidant that has always been there
for us, and always will be. It shapes who we are and how we feel about ourselves
and our lives. It deserves our acknowledgment, appreciation, and respect.
“To quote a lyric from the song: ‘The radio was our saving grace... Our
heroes showed us the way- back in the day.’ "
Released in May by Frontiers Music Srl., Peace Out marks a return to the
well crafted pop songs that put the band at the top of the Billboard charts in the
1990s. From the anthemic “Invincible” to the rollicking “Rock Star,” Peace Out is
quintessential Nelson from start to finish.
The brothers have always had their work cut out for themselves, being the
third generation in one of America’s most celebrated entertainment families, who
came into US households every week from 1952 through 1966 on the ABC
sitcom, The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet. Their grandfather, Ozzie Nelson, was
a celebrated big band leader, whose orchestra featured their grandmother,
Harriet; and their late father, Rick, was one of rock’n’roll’s earliest superstars, a
member of The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, and generally credited with creating
the country-rock format. Ozzie, Rick, and the Nelson twins are the only family in
the history of the world to have 3 generations of musicians that scored a #1
Billboard hit each on their own.
The Nelson twins burst onto the music scene with the Billboard #1 hit “(I
Can’t Live Without Your) Love & Affection,” in 1990. They went on to release a
half dozen rock albums selling nearly 7 million records, beginning with the multiplatinum
After The Rain.
The brothers have grown from pop music idols to seasoned songwriters
and performers. They have worked in a number of musical styles including pop,
hard rock and even country. Critics and fans alike agree: Peace Out, is
unquestionably their most ambitious studio album to date. The album takes them
to the musical home they have known the best: harmony-driven pop-rock whose
melodies are as infectious as they are lasting.
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