ROYAL HUNT 'Devil's Dozen' Artwork Revealed


Royal Hunt's 13th studio album, Devil´s Dozenstays very true to the original, larger-than-life Royal Hunt sound: with imaginative instrumentation, intricate arrangements, soaring vocals and catchy, massive choruses. Yet the addition of classical musicians/instruments and contemporary, modern day production elements twist the outcome into a unique sonic palette.

The band holds tight to the format which defined rock - an album chockfull of careefully crafted songs, recorded and mixed by a team of professionals who know how to combine crystal clear sonics with a weighty punch. More details at Royal Rock... no substitutes! 

André Andersen: “We´re very pleased to be able to present our new, thirteenth studio album. While staying on course with all traditional Royal Hunt´s  musical values this one contains quite a bit of variety - from an up-tempo, double kick driven “May You Never (Walk Alone)” to the bluesy “Heart On A Platter” and probably our best ballad to date - “Until The Day”.  Counting in Royal Hunt´s usual attention to details - playing wise as welll as production wise - I´m sure that any fan of symphonic/melodic yet hard roccking music will be pleased with our latest offering”.

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