CONSTANCIA 'Final Curtain' out July 10; Sample New Full Length Track

Release Year: 
Friday, July 10, 2015
MelodicRock Records will release the brand new studio album from Swedish melodic hard rockers CONSTANCIA on July 10.
Their new album is ‘Final Curtain’, which is the long awaited sequel to the first album ‘Lost And Gone’ (Frontiers/King Records, 2009).
PRE-ORDER for VINDICTIV and CONSTANCIA starting this week. BOTH releases available as limited Special Edition versions.
MelodicRock Records is excited to launch another full track preview of the coming album, with the great melodic hard rocker 'Hold On My Heart'
Don’t Tread:
Once again, following the fantastic reception to the ROOM EXPERIENCE Special Edition, the CONSTANCIA’s ‘Final Curtain’ release will also be available direct from MRR as a Special Edition limited release – again featuring three exclusive bonus tracks!
Another July 10 release from MRR is set to be announced and then details of pre-orders will be made available.
David Fremberg: vocals (Andromeda)
Janne Stark: guitar (Grand Design, Overdrive, Locomotive Breath)
Mikael Rosengren: keyboards (Token, Scudiero)
Linus Abrahamsson: bass (Andromeda)
TrumPeter Svensson: drums (Faith, Mercy, Locomotive Breath)
Press comments for the first album 'Lost And Gone' (Frontiers/King Records 2009):
Classic Rock - 8/10 - “Class like this doesn’t come along too often”
Powerplay - “Climb up a mountain, rip out a guitar solo and remember that bands like Constancia are here to make rock music fun again”.
Fireworks - “…”Lost and Gone” is up there with the best of them”
Festivalfoto - 5/5 - “This is Top 3 of 2009”
Rock realms - 85/100
Rock Hard - 8/10
Rock It - 8/10
Spark - 4,5/5
Aardshock - 80/100
Scream - 4/5
Heavy Magazine - 9/10
It all started in 2007, as the brainchild of former Scudiero/Token keyboard player Mikael Rosengren. He had written a bunch of songs that he wanted to record. He got in touch with guitarist Janne Stark (Overdrive, Grand Design, Locomotive Breath etc) and asked him to lay down some guitars. Janne loved the songs and got more and more involved in the process, and the seeds of Constancia were sown.
They now felt it was time to get a full band together. Janne contacted drummer Peter “TrumPeter” Svensson (ex-Mercy, Faith), with whom he had worked in Overheat, Locomotive Breath and Mountain of Power. Mikael drafted Jaded Heart bassist Michael Mueller, and they tried out various vocalists before finding David Fremberg. David is also fronting progressive rockers Andromeda and had also worked with Janne on his first Mountain Of Power album. They overcame the vast geographical distances, with Mueller living in Germany, and the debut album “Lost And Gone” saw the light of day in July 2009. The producer, Fredrik Folkare (Unleashed, Token, Eclipse), was carefully selected after the band had received outstanding test mixes from great people like Beau Hill, Pontus Norgren and Pelle Saether. Fredrik was just right for the band’s “melogressive” metal (melodic, yet a bit aggressive and a touch progressive). The album received rave reviews in magazines like Classic Rock, Rock Hard, PowerPlay, Fireworks and Rock It.
The geographical distances however made it difficult for the band to get a good live situation going.
In 2013 the work process for the band’s second album started. Since Michael Mueller was busy with other musical projects the band had to find a new bass player. Janne, David and drummer Peter are from the same region, and they figured getting a bass player from that region would be a good idea. Why not someone they already knew? Enter Linus Brahamson, also a member of Andromeda. Instead of rushing out a new album, the band let the process take some time and the band spent 2013 and most part of 2014 working on the songs, recording and mixing. The way the song-writing process goes is: Mikael writes the basic structure of the song with some vocal and lyrical ideas, then sends it to Janne, who pitches in with some additional ideas, arrangements, melodies and lyrics. David then adds some of his vocal melodies. This time the production was also kept under the Constancia umbrella. Since David is working as a producer, why not let him do it? This was a very smart plan, since David already had a lot of great production ideas.
Final Curtain? Is this the end? No way! The title track is about the end of a life but also that there may be something new and exciting behind that final curtain. A lot of the lyrical themes on the album reflect things and thoughts of everyday life such as not being true to yourself, political hypocrisy, the birth of a child, long bus rides with people not of your choice, love and the fascination of fear.
CONSTANCIA ‘Final Curtain’ is released via MelodicRock Records on July 10.